Letter: Cold Spring Sidewalk Tour

This red carpet, I didn’t mind. Normally I don’t like carpets because I’m in a wheelchair, but the current administration rolled out the red carpet for me. They gave me a deluxe tour of the Cold Spring sidewalks. Remember? I talked about the sidewalks before. I talked about what bad condition they were in, and how people like me have a hard time getting around.

Well, I now see what they are up against. Imagine this: Imagine a bowl of spaghetti, and each strand of spaghetti is bureaucratic BS. So, what we’re dealing with here is a big bowl of spaghetti. You should see what this town is up against. Aging infrastructure from the Victorian Era. The list goes on and on. Bottom line is, the current administration is doing what it can to repair the sidewalks. And as far as money, well, I can see where it’s all gone. I’ve built before. I’ve built a big house, so I know and I understand where the money has gone, preparing for the sidewalk repair.

Anyway, the current administration, spearheaded by Trustee Murphy, gave me a good tour. They showed me where they’re going to install curbs for wheelchair people. And as I was leaving I saw a woman with a baby in a stroller. Now, this might be a bit symbolic, but she took the kid out of the stroller and pushed the stroller up onto the sidewalk. So you see, they can’t repair the sidewalk quick enough. Thanks for taking your time in reading this.

Brian Nice

Oh, P.S., by the way, they did the walking in the walking tour. I rolled. So we did a bit of walk ’n’ roll.

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