Haldane Tennis Courts Get New Windscreen

Blue screen will improve play conditions for all

A Haldane blue windscreen went up along the fence of the Haldane Central School District tennis courts over the weekend of July 25. While the windscreen is intended to benefit all those who enjoy the school’s two tennis courts, it was installed in advance of the Haldane tennis team’s preseason training scheduled for August.

The windscreen’s primary purpose is to keep the westerly winds coming across the Hudson River from adversely affecting tennis play and to provide privacy from street traffic. The screen was funded by the Haldane Blue Devils Booster Club and the Haldane tennis team and was installed by Haldane tennis coach and elementary school teacher Simon Dudar, former Haldane Central School District board member and owner of the Yonkers Tennis Center Joe Curto, Booster Club tennis representative Rosemarie Sterling and a few students.

Haldane's new windscreen for the tennis courts

Haldane’s new windscreen for the tennis courts

“Tennis is a growing sport everywhere, and many schools new and old are seeing the benefits of supporting it within their overall athletic programs. An improvement to the Haldane tennis courts is really a benefit to the team and the increasing number of local residents using them,” said Tom Cunningham, Haldane’s athletic director.

“Aside from the practical benefit this windscreen will provide to the players, it also gives us a great opportunity to share some real Haldane School spirit and pride,” said Rob McCollum, president of the Haldane Booster Club.

The Haldane Blue Devils Booster Club and tennis team will be hosting a community tennis fundraiser this fall.

Photo courtesy of Haldane Booster Club

One thought on “Haldane Tennis Courts Get New Windscreen

  1. The new wind screen looks awesome. Great job Booster Club and Blue Devils tennis team. Let’s Go Blue!