Made in Philipstown Strikes a Chord

Local food, music and community volunteers

By Michael Turton

After months of planning that took care of everything but the weather, Made in Philipstown unfolded as the “perfect storm” of community events — albeit under brilliant blue, late summer skies. An estimated 425 local residents attended the Sept. 5 soiree held at Garrison’s Landing and co-chaired by Philipstown artist and longtime resident Stacey Farley and Carinda Swann, executive director of the Garrison Art Center, and supported by an extensive cast of community volunteers.

The riverfront banquet lived up to its “Made in Philipstown” billing with everything from the menu and music to the locally thrown pottery plates and handcrafted benches being homegrown.

“It was a successful community event beyond our wildest dreams,” Swann said. “I’ve never seen people so happy and appreciative.” Something Swann observed underlined just how good a time people were having. “No one was on their cellphone,” she said. “People were truly in the moment.”

“There were so many moving parts,” Farley said in describing the event, planning for which began early last spring. “The real thing is that everyone involved was a volunteer,” she commented, adding that people enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves. “People worked in teams and I think that was as much fun for them as the event itself.” And at least one other aspect also helped make Made in Philipstown unique. “It was not a fundraiser — and that really set it apart from other events,” Farley said.

Photos by M. Turton unless indicated

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  1. Thank you, Mike, for the coverage and for the great photos — really captured the spirit of the day!