Republicans in the U.S. Congress continue to talk about shutting down our federal government unless Planned Parenthood is defunded. They see nothing wrong with cynically treating women’s access to family planning support and reproductive health care as a political football. However, we can’t forget the politicians in our own backyard who wish to rid our communities of vital services.

As all of us who had to live through her campaign last year know, state Sen. Sue Serino ran a nasty campaign full of grossly untrue mailers about her opponent because he supported Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health choices.

By demonizing Planned Parenthood, Serino and her allies risk the loss by our community of services such as cancer screening and prevention, family planning support, women’s reproductive health services, contraception and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. These are vital services for local women, especially those struggling financially. Politicians have no right to take away these services based on their personal beliefs and misinformation.

When women’s rights are at risk on a federal level, we cannot have state representatives like Serino who refuse to protect those rights here at home.

Margaret Yonco-Haines

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