Letters: Candidate Endorsements

Writers express support for Flaherty and Gallagher

Bob Flaherty

Bob Flaherty, a candidate for the Town Board, deserves a proper introduction to the voters of Philipstown. It has been said a good man is hard to find — we are fortunate because Bob Flaherty is a good man. He personifies that very definition. Bob was chosen to fill the councilman seat for Dave Merandy when he was elected mayor.

After careful consideration, Bob stated that he was honored to do so, and stepped in immediately. He was asked because of his dedication to a community that he loves, is fair minded, and makes decisions based on well-researched facts. Bob is a professional, a senior project manager for E+, an international, award-winning IT company.

Although he has not served on a municipal board until now, Bob comes from a family that has a long history of community service. His father, William Flaherty, is a former county legislator, town assessor, founding member of the North Highlands Fire Department and serves on the zoning board. The importance of community service has become a tradition that will continue through Bob. His children and many members of his family have graduated from Haldane, and there are many nieces and nephews still attending.

Being a homeowner in this community, and his sister, I can attest to the fact that Bob will serve tirelessly with fellow board members in keeping the scenic beauty and character of Philipstown intact, making it one of the most beautiful areas in the Hudson Valley. Bob will continue moving forward in keeping Philipstown thriving. When it comes time to vote in the next election on Nov. 3, keep in mind a good man is here, now, and serving our community. That man is Bob Flaherty.

Joann M. Flaherty

As a resident of Philipstown, I would like to recommend to the members of this community to consider Bob Flaherty for town councilman. Living in the community and as former principal of the Garrison School, I am often asked to write letters of recommendation or speak about the quality or characteristics of an individual who is seeking to share his talents with others.

In this case, I have seen Bob work with the youth as a coach, I have seen him speak in public to support an idea or influence a proposal. I have observed him interact with adults during meetings, observed him help children on the field during a sporting event or have shared ideas with him about procedures or policies that will enhance the quality of life in Philipstown.

His desire to continue to focus on the central values of our community is a reflection on what he believes is right and what he stands for. As a family man and member of our community, he is trustworthy, reliable, kind and generous. He is able to listen, make decisions, take matters under advice and react favorably to discourse and conflict. He is a person who has integrity, is steadfast and shows a deep desire to keep Philipstown as a place where we can continue to live, thrive and raise our families.

In the beauty of the Hudson Valley, while we all continue to worship in our churches and continue to enjoy the benefits of a small community, Bob is indeed able and ready to take on the responsibilities of this position. I urge you to talk with him about the issues and see for yourself, that he is the man for the job.

Stephanie C. Impellittiere

Ann Gallagher

Having worked for 12 years with Philipstown Planning Board Secretary Ann Gallagher, who is a candidate for Town Clerk, I cannot begin to express how integral she is to the smooth working of this vital board to the town and its residents who come before it. Never more than a phone call away, she works effortlessly with our professional planner, the board attorney and the seven members of the board. And, needless to say, she has made my job as chairman of the board smooth and efficient, often sorting out the confusing materials needed to provide the public with the service they deserve.

Her timeliness and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that referrals and public notices are expedited is just natural for Ann. When changes in law and procedures regarding Planning Board matters come before the board, Ann is quick to inform all concerned, as she is when prospects for training sessions become available.

While I, or any chair of the Planning Board, would hate to see her leave, Ann will bring her good cheer, friendly demeanor and respect for the needs of the entire town to the clerk’s office on a daily basis. A quick starter, she can hit the ground running and seamlessly move into the town clerk’s job. She’s had experience in many different fields before becoming board secretary: banking, education, legal and corporate. Spending considerable time on her job in Town Hall, she knows how things run and how they should run. She is a people person and will ensure that everyone has access to all the information they need and do it with a smile.

Anthony Merante, Chairman
Philipstown Planning Board

I have had the privilege to serve on the town’s Planning Board for the past four years. During my time on the board, we have reviewed roughly 100 applications, more than two dozen site-plan visits and at least as many public hearings.

Throughout, Ann Gallagher, the board secretary, has kept our activities running smoothly, like a good watch. She communicates often and frequently with applicants, keeps her board members informed and up-to-date, and helps to move applications along as swiftly as possible. She always comes to our Thursday evening meetings with accurate minutes, a smooth process to run the meeting, a smile and, often, a bit of candy to keep our energy levels high.

Ann Gallagher is running for town clerk in Philipstown. She has the administrative skills and care for our community for the role. While we would miss her from the Planning Board, she is a strong candidate, one I support, and one I would ask you to consider.

Neal Zuckerman

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