Letters: Candidate Endorsements

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3

In support of Robert Flaherty

I am writing in support of my son, Robert Flaherty. Bob has been serving on the Town Board these past several months and will be running for this position in the coming election. He is well known in the community, honest, trustworthy, intelligent and conscientious.

Bob has always been active in community activities: as a young boy Little League and Pop Warner Football; as a teenager, in many Haldane activities and sports; and as an adult, in the Knights of Columbus, North Highlands Fire Department and numerous other undertakings.

Bob is an exceptional son. He is committed, loyal, ambitious, and thorough in completing what he begins. He is always there to help his family, neighbors, his friends and ours and will do the same for our community as a Philipstown councilor.

William Flaherty
Former Putnam County Legislator

I am writing this letter on behalf of Bob Flaherty, who is running for Philipstown town councilor. I have known Bob and the entire Flaherty family for many years. Having served as a public official for the Town of Philipstown as supervisor and councilor, I know it takes hard work, dedication, good decision-making and understanding of the current issues. Bob Flaherty has these qualities and has demonstrated his ability to serve as councilor since his appointment to the board in May. He has been involved with the issues in this community and will continue to work hard for the residents of Philipstown.

Bob has earned my trust as a public official and I will be voting for him on Nov. 3 so he can continue to serve the residents of the Town of Philipstown.

Terry Lahey
Cold Spring

In support of Tina Merando

As a registered Democrat, I generally support the candidate of the party, but in this year’s race for Philipstown town clerk, I proudly and enthusiastically give my vote to Tina Merando. Competent, responsible, hardworking, creative, cost-conscious, Tina has performed exceptionally well the multiple tasks of town clerk for the last 12 years and as deputy town clerk for the previous 10 years. (I hope she serves another 12 years if she wants.) In all my dealings with the town clerk’s office, I always come away with a smile, totally satisfied with a job well done. Thank you, Tina, for making that happen each and every time I visit.

Two-and-one-half years ago, my spouse and I were married at Town Hall. Tina performed the ceremony. Despite our having been together for 46 years, we were very nervous on this, our wedding day. With her calm, caring, and professional demeanor, Tina helped to put us at ease and made our wedding come off without a hitch. Thank you again, Tina. How could I not support such a generous woman!

Bill Hicks

Supporting Town Board incumbents and Barbara Scuccimara

As a 70-something senior caring for a husband with severe dementia, I have become intensely interested in local services for our older citizens. The upcoming election involves a number of local issues, but I would like to share my perspectives on issues related to seniors.

Many may not be aware that the current Town Board has been extremely receptive to the needs of Philipstown seniors. Two years ago they asked the Recreation Department to offer exercise classes for seniors, free of charge. Those classes have been so popular that they have increased the number offered.

Last year the board approved the Recreation Department’s request for a new staff member whose primary responsibility would be working with seniors. Ms. Cecily Hall has been a responsive addition to their staff, and has helped organize monthly senior trips available at low cost. I strongly support the re-election of the current town board based on their active interest in seniors.

Another person who has demonstrated her commitment to senior issues is our county legislator, Barbara Scuccimara. She is a pro-active legislator who actively solicits ideas from seniors, making monthly reports to the town board and to the Philipstown Seniors Club. She deserves re-election.

There are still many areas in which services for seniors can be improved, but we are now making progress.

Lynda Ann Ewen
Cold Spring

In support of Carl Frisenda

I am writing this letter to support my father, Carl Frisenda, as the next Town of Philipstown highway superintendent. Carl has been an outstanding role model for me in all aspects of life, especially in regards to my career. He has an unparalleled work ethic and has taught me to always do the best job I can do no matter what.

He is a blue-collar family man, always willing to work hard and help others whenever he can. He cares about the quality of his work and maintaining high standards. He has always taught my brother and me the value of a hard day’s work.

After having worked at the Philipstown Highway Department myself for six years I can say that a change is definitely needed. With more than 30 years of experience at Putnam County Highway Department, Carl will make an excellent highway superintendent for the Town of Philipstown and I fully support him.

Matthew C. Frisenda
Hopewell Junction

I was extremely pleased when I learned that Carl Frisenda had entered the race for Philipstown highway superintendent, both because of his ideal resume based on decades of work (including managerial positions) with the [Putnam County Highway] department, but also because I have known Carl for years and consider him a very reliable and effective professional. And it is notable that his work for the county included successful assignments in Philipstown, so he knows our roads and our problems well. It’s time for a new face and renewed vigor for this vital local function.

Stan Lovenworth
Cold Spring

In support of Adam Levy

District Attorney Adam Levy has implemented effective and sweeping change in how the justice system in Putnam County operates, which has a huge impact on how effective it is. Crime rates dropped more than twice the state average, making Putnam the safest county in New York for the last four years.

He put a strong focus on violent, repeat offenders, closing the revolving door that so frequently allowed bad people to commit crimes again. Drug Treatment Court and Mental Health Court have allowed many nonviolent offenders to avoid incarceration by seeking treatment, staying sober and performing community service.

Levy’s initiatives have also made Putnam a safer place to police and protect, and not just because of his zero-tolerance policy on assaults of police officers. After the life of an undercover officer was threatened by a uniformed police officer who had no idea he was dealing with another cop, Levy went to great lengths to ensure every single agency in Putnam was an active member of SafetyNet. Levy and his staff have worked hard to foster a more cooperative and therefore effective atmosphere among every law enforcement agency.

There’s one way to keep Putnam the safest county in New York: by re-electing a prosecutor who enforces the law and supports the police professionals who enforce it. Please vote for Adam Levy on Nov. 3.

Kevin McConville
Cold Spring

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