Chris Olson (photo provided)
Chris Olson (photo provided)

Explain why the City Council has at-large members, and what, if anything, can they offer that a ward representative cannot?

Beacon is a great city and I’m running for City Council to be part of a new team. There are items we need to act on: firehouse consolidation, a new highway building, upgrading our aging infrastructure, and a plan on how to develop our city to accommodate more residents while keeping prices down for those that are here. That’s where we need to review our city charter.

It’s time for change on the council. Some members have been there for decades. I am a fresh face with new ideas that embrace the past but look forward to the future. I can offer the help to individual ward representatives and offer my advice on issues that have to do with their ward.

What is the single biggest issue that the City Council must address?

I believe one big issue that the City of Beacon needs to address is its infrastructure. Our sewers and water pipes have been aging and we need to update those issues.

What can you offer Beacon citizens that the incumbent has not?

I am a fresh new face for Beacon residents to speak to. I have been a Beacon resident for 11 years and lived in the Hudson Valley for close to 20 years. I am a respected community volunteer with outstanding values and morals and can be a great asset to the citizens of Beacon.

What skills or experience qualifies you to serve as a council member?

I volunteer for the Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps more than 14 hours a week. As an educator and administrator, I have become a great listener and will use that skill for the concerns of the City of Beacon. I have been in politics since the 1980s, when I started a Young Republican club in school and helped out various campaigns. Now I believe it is my time to help our citizens personally and professionally.

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