Ward 2: Omar Harper (D & R)

Omar Harper (photo provided)

Omar Harper (photo provided)

If elected, what is the single biggest issue that you will address in your home ward?

My single biggest issue is the use of funds for updating parts of our ward that our youth use, namely the community center and riverfront basketball court. These present viable ways for our youth to use their time constructively and both of the facilities aren’t in use due to their condition.

What is the single biggest issue that the City Council must address?

Gentrification is becoming a huge issue in the city. Beacon has made some beautiful strides over the past five years, but it’s becoming an issue that people from here can’t live here any more. So, trying to temper our growth intelligently, so we can have a mix of newer residents as well as the residents who have been born and raised here.

What can you offer Beacon citizens that the incumbent has not?

I am someone who is in touch with the heart of the ward. I coach the youth of Beacon in two different sports, and many of them are in this ward. I spend hours with the parents and children of Beacon.

What skills or experience qualifies you to serve as a council member?

My personal mentorship of the youth in the community gives me an ear to a different point of view, as well as my in-depth understanding of the real estate market and the inner workings of it.

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