Robert Flaherty for Town Board

I would like to encourage my fellow residents of Philipstown to support Bob Flaherty in the Town Board election on Nov. 3. I have known him and his extended family for more than 25 years and have seen him in a variety of roles that have had a positive impact on our community, and I’d like to thank him for that.

From Little League coach to vendor of $1 hot dogs at Philipstown Soccer Club matches, Bob has repeatedly supported the youth in our community. His gift has been a willingness to listen, guide, pitch in and do the work. This willingness will be a continuing asset to the activities of our Town Board as it faces the many challenges that lie ahead. Please give Bob your support in this election. He’s earned it.

Phil Heffernan
Cold Spring

I would like encourage the residents of Philipstown to vote for Bob Flaherty for the Town Board on Election Day. He is honest, reliable, intelligent, energetic and committed to work for the best interest of Philipstown. I have served with Bob as a fellow officer in the Knights of Columbus for more than 10 years and have worked together on many successful programs and acquired respect and admiration for his volunteerism and dedication. Bob will work diligently for the residents of Philipstown. Please join me on Election Day and support Bob.

Dan Dillon

Lithgow Osborne for County Legislator

Philipstown deserves strong representation at the county government in Carmel. We need Lithgow Osborne as our county legislator.

For as long as I can remember, our part of Putnam has been stuck with county legislators who simply act as a rubber stamp for the county executive and not as advocates for the needs of our community. Lithgow will change that.

When our current legislator was asked what she would do as county legislator, she replied that she intended to implement County Executive MaryEllen Odell’s programs — which means a laser focus on Carmel and Odell’s political backers — not on us.

Our tax money goes to pay for things like a golf course and other pet projects of the county executive instead of services for Philipstown. Our current legislator proudly talks about helping find space for a senior center, but does nothing about getting funding to staff it. She even failed to make certain the center has a kitchen. So the center will be bringing food from the outside.

When she ran for office, our current legislator vowed to bring back to Philipstown at least some of the sales tax revenue that our town’s merchants send to the county each year – the practice of almost every county in New York (but not Putnam). When elected, her tune changed, because that is not something that her leader, Odell, wants. Odell wants to keep control of tax revenues because the less fiscally responsible towns in eastern Putnam use the taxes Philipstown sends to Carmel to fill in the shortfalls in those towns’ budgets.

So, we are working for Carmel instead of Carmel working for us. That has to stop — and Lithgow is the one to stop it.

Margaret Yonco-Haines

This senior will vote for Lithgow Osborne for county legislator. Lithgow understands what is of vital concern to us seniors: an ever-escalating tax burden that is the product of an irresponsible Republican majority in the county government. It is costing us more than $150 million annually to run Putnam County! A growing burden on all of us, especially on those of us on a fixed income.

Why is Putnam County’s sales tax greater than Westchester County’s?

Why do my taxes subsidize a County Golf Club? I don’t understand why we taxpayers are in competition with private enterprise.

Osborne supports a senior center on this side of the county, but he questions the current proposal to enter into a long-term, expensive rental agreement with the developer of the Butterfield property. Wouldn’t a more thoughtful and less expensive approach entail a partnership with our Philipstown Recreation Department?

This “old timer” knows that Lithgow Osborne is the man for the job. His efforts will save us seniors some real money.

John Benjamin

Tina Merando for Town Clerk

Tina Merando is one of the most dedicated of all of our elected officials. I appreciate her openness to all of the people in our town. She has the experience, passion and knowledge to run Town Hall and does a great job. It is important to keep this transparent professionalism in the town clerk’s office. I am proud to be voting for Tina M. Merando for Philipstown town clerk on Nov. 3.

As a reminder, without a presidential or high-profile race, many will not vote this year and people like Tina need your support If you really care, join me at the polls on Election Day.

Dorothy Jackson

Carl Frisenda for Highway Superintendent

I have been fortunate over the last several months to get to know Carl Frisenda, and I am so pleased he decided to run for Philipstown highway superintendent this year. As chair of the Philipstown Democrats, I can say that we don’t randomly choose to back a candidate for office, we wait until we find someone who is well qualified and ready to step up to the job. Carl is both.

As a 34-year veteran of the Putnam County Highway Department, Carl knows roads. As a lifelong resident of Philipstown, he knows our roads. He has experience as both a manager and a worker. Carl is not a big talker, and he is certainly not someone who is comfortable blowing his own horn. As a result, he is someone who knows how to listen.

When it is time to make difficult decisions about how to maintain our many miles of road, it’s important to have someone in the office of highway superintendent who is able to listen to what the people of the town want, and who has sufficient experience to make appropriate choices. Carl is the right person for this job. Please cast your vote for Carl Frisenda on Nov. 3.

Kim Conner
Cold Spring

I am writing to support Carl Frisenda as the next Town of Philipstown highway superintendent. I have known Carl for more than 45 years. Not only did we grow up in the same town, we have worked together over the years. We both worked for the County of Putnam over several years during snowstorms. Carl has also worked for me as a truck driver when I have needed him.

Carl is a hardworking person and does his work well. He is not afraid of hard work and will make sure jobs are done and done right. Carl is always willing to work with others and help others whenever he can.

Carl is an honest man. I have trusted him driving my trucks and operating my machinery. Carl has years of experience with all different kinds of construction trucks and equipment. He knows how to maintain and rebuild roads.

Carl will make a great highway superintendent for the Town of Philipstown and I fully support him.

Ernest W. Lyons
Cold Spring

Craig Watters for Town Board

Without hesitation, I would openly like to declare my support of Craig Watters for the position of councilor on the Philipstown Town Board. I have spoken with Craig at length in regards to what he would bring to the table in order to benefit and best represent the women and men of Philipstown, and I have in every instance walked away with a sense of enlightenment on issues I care about most.

Environmentally, fiscally and socially speaking, Craig seems to have a very clear and executable vision for our community, and the intelligence and open-minded approach needed to see his and our vision reach fruition.

Craig epitomizes a hard work ethic, determination, fairness and compassion. Through these qualities Craig will be able to bring a new and much-needed voice and experience to the Philipstown Town Board. Vote for Craig on Nov. 3. He is what Philipstown politicians are lacking, and that is true integrity and full transparency.

Yes indeed, he is a thoughtful, bright, educated individual who truly thinks for himself, truly has the best interests of his Philipstown neighbors at heart, and isn’t just another bobbleheaded bobblehead.

Russ Cusick
Cold Spring

I believe that the overwhelming majority of people in town on both sides of the aisle would agree that as long as things are done in a responsible way and use common sense that there is nothing wrong with being pro-business. That’s why I believe that Craig Watters is a breath of fresh air for the current race for Town Board.

As an outsider to politics he brings good old-fashioned common sense to the table. Besides that, he is not from within the current “establishment.” Would it be bad to have someone speak common sense and be from a different political party on the town council? I think not. That would go a long way in helping the rest of us feel like we had someone on the Town Board representing our values.

If you are a neighbor in Philipstown you should be concerned with what happens in your community. If “all politics is local,” as a wise man once said, you should get out and vote for one of your fellow neighbors who is running for the town council. I’m voting for Craig Watters.

Rich Pepe
Continental Village

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