Police Activity But No Public Threat (Updated)

Dept. of Corrections acknowledges incident

By Michael Turton and Kevin E. Foley

According to a spokesperson’s statement after ongoing negotiations with the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS), parolee Anthony Heine has turned himself in and is now in DOCCS custody.

The statement goes on to state: “At no time was this parolee considered dangerous or a threat to the community. Heine had absconded from parole was the subject of a search effort. Heine was convicted in 2012 of Robbery 3rd, a non-violent crime. DOCCS issued an absconder warrant for Heine on October 30, 2015 and during an attempt to take him to custody on Nov. 4, the parolee fled resulting in the search.”

Earlier version

The Putnam County Sheriff indicates that there is no ongoing threat to public safety related to police activity in the area last night (Nov. 4). A spokesperson from that office said that a “parole abscondee” had been sought by police. Asked for elaboration on the incident, the sheriff’s office declined.

A spokesperson for the state Parole Office was not able to confirm any actions by that department when asked by The Paper. The Putnam County Probation Department also had no knowledge of the incident.

Repeated calls to various offices of the New York State police yielded no information or even acknowledgment of the incident.

In an email to parents this morning, Haldane Superintendent Diana Bowers alerted parents to“police activity” without saying what it was. “There is no concern that this situation poses a danger for our schools and our students,“ Bowers wrote further.

In a second email Bowers added, that the person in question had been staying in the Countryside Motel on Route 9 and eluded police when they attempted to make an arrest. “There is no concern that this situation poses a danger for our district,“ Bowers wrote.

Nevertheless Bowers in a third email cancelled off-campus lunch for high school students as a precaution despite no concern of danger.

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