Letter: Enough with the Blowers

On this cold, wet, dark and rainy day that is really only appreciated by ducks and mushroom hunters, I’m thankful … of course, for the much needed moisture on this drought year.

But, I am especially thankful for this morning’s peace and quiet. No leaf blowers whining away from dawn to dusk. (My neighbor to the south had his three-man crew start at 6:45 a.m. this past Saturday!) On every dry and clear, gorgeous fall day it seems this assault is being pursued around the neighborhood.

Why do so many hate leaves so much? Why are they permitted to assault our senses with their polluting obsession?

So enjoy the peace and quiet that the rain gives us and hope that one of these days common sense may prevail.

John Benjamin

2 thoughts on “Letter: Enough with the Blowers

  1. Noisy yes – and no noise of this type — construction, yardwork, blasting — is supposed to happen in the Village before 8 a.m. A lot of people seem to have forgotten this…. Check the regs!