City of Beacon Seeks Committee Members

Conservation, Human Relations, Emergency Management

The City of Beacon is recruiting volunteers to serve on three committees.

The Conservation Advisory Committee, which has nine members appointed for two-year terms, advises the Planning Board and City Council on matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the natural and man-made features in the city. The committee advises on major environmental threats and maintains an inventory of natural resources and an index of all open spaces.

The Human Relations Commission works to create and foster a community climate of tolerance and understanding. The commission looks into incidents of tension and conflict within the community, and accepts and investigates complaints from citizens who perceive that their rights under the law have been violated. The commission consist of five to 15 members appointed for two-year terms.

The Emergency Management Plan Committee prepares and provides for updating a comprehensive emergency management plan for the protection of the residents in the event of a public disaster. Besides public officials, the committee consists of three members of the community appointed for three-year terms.

For more information, call the mayor’s office at 845-838-5010.

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