Letter: Two Beacon Bookstores

Beacon Reads benefits Howland Public Library

As a Beacon resident, I was quite interested to read the article about Binnacle Books, Beacon’s newest bookstore. The article mentioned in the first line that Beaconites were “desperate” for a bookstore. I’m all for successful new businesses on Beacon’s Main Street and I’m glad that the store opening was well attended and that the “buzz” was great.

However, Beacon has had a bookstore for many years, and it’s located about one block away from Binnacle Books.  It is called Beacon Reads, and it’s right next door to the Beacon Library.  It is incredibly well organized, the prices can’t be beat, and it too has a varied selection of new and used books and all the proceeds from the store go to the Beacon Library!

There are enough residents in Beacon to support two bookstores and it’s nice that now there are two. My husband and I have stocked our bookshelves with amazing books from Beacon Reads and encourage people to frequent them as well.

Kathryn Janus

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