To Our Readers

A few improvements and more on the way

As you may have noticed, the first-of-the-year edition of The Paper features a change to an all-color format, which we are excited about for better presentation of photos and text. Winter Photofest participants, please take special note.

In addition, we have changed our print size to a slightly shorter length, which is a standard for weekly newspapers in the tri-state area. The change in size is due to changing printers in pursuit of better production values. And, yes, we are also saving money in the bargain.

In the weeks ahead we are planning some other design changes and a surprise or two. Keep an eye out.

In response to reader comments, we have upgraded to better handle various devices. Phone and tablet users should have a much-improved experience when accessing the site. Please let us know if that’s the case.

We have moved the website to a faster server and upgraded the platform, so the look is slightly different. In the weeks ahead we will continue to make changes we hope will improve your experience. We also will be adding more videos and introducing online advertising. Design changes consistent with the print paper are also on the horizon.

Thanks to an engaged and generous board of directors and a growing list of contributors and advertisers, we see 2016 as a year of exciting possibility for journalism that strives for a fair and open-minded approach to community news and events.

As always we welcome your comments, suggestions, complaints and support. You can reach me directly at [email protected]

Kevin E. Foley, Managing Editor

One thought on “To Our Readers

  1. We want to thank you folks for the great job you do, and for the service you provide to the community.
    Keep up the good work, and
    A Happy New Year to you.