Letters: Vote for Molloy

Bowman: We need independent voice

Anyone who attended or saw a Cold Spring Planning Board meeting under the leadership of Barney Molloy knows that he is the only candidate to vote for this March. If you haven’t had the opportunity, please take the time to view one of the recorded meetings available from the PCNR.

As planning board chair, Molloy led in a professional, knowledgeable and methodical way that helped guide the Butterfield Project to a successful conclusion. This came at a time when the divisions in our community had many expecting the project to end up in the courtroom, rather then a groundbreaking. Barney understood that a tax-positive development at Butterfield, though a hard decision for our community, was in the long run the best outcome for the future of Cold Spring.

And that is what this election is about: the future. A future full of increased expenses and rising costs, and very few opportunities for revenue. We need someone on our Village Board that knows the ins-and-outs of state policy and finances, and who has imaginative ideas on how to improve the efficiency and income potential for Cold Spring.

For me, though, most importantly we need an independent voice on the Village Board, someone who will stand up to the triumvirate that currently exists and will call for consistency and transparency in Cold Spring, as Cathyrn Fadde and I have done for two years.

That is why I urge you to cast one vote on Election Day — vote once for Barney Molloy.

Michael Bowman

Bowman is a trustee on the Village Board. He is not seeking reelection.

Cold Spring voters, do you want someone on your Board of Trustees who is highly skilled and qualified, totally competent, smart, intelligent, highly efficient, extremely thorough and has great management skills? Someone who gets the job done properly, appropriately, efficiently, expeditiously, correctly and on time, always keeping his cool and maintaining his professionalism? Someone who has a heart and mind for what is right and just for village residents, who is trustworthy, dignified, awake, mentally and emotionally honorable, polite, a good listener and easy to talk to, friendly, respectful and who has shown he really cares about Cold Spring and its citizens by his previous service to the community?

He is honest, a gentleman, good-looking, handsome, responsible, respectable, dependable, faithful, tireless, of good humor, loyal and therefore has shown himself to be of good solid character, as well as being very experienced and knowledgeable in village government leadership?

Wow! Who is this amazing person? Why, it’s Barney Molloy! Of course! I know all this about him because I have witnessed these things in him time and time again for the past four years since I moved to Cold Spring. You would really be crazy not to vote for him. Please get out and vote for Barney.

Shirley Norton
Cold Spring

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