Poetry Connects

The Current’s third annual celebration of National Poetry Month

By Mary Anne Myers

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If it’s April, it’s National Poetry Month! To celebrate, The Highlands Current offers its third annual “One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You” series, where each day for the next several weeks a reader shares a favorite poem. We know it won’t kill you, and we hope it pleases you. Last year the series won a first-place award from the New York Press Association for “best use of social media.” Thanks to Garrison Art Center for sponsorship.

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The idea for the project originated with The Current’s layout editor, Kate Vikstrom, who loved an audio version on KRBD, the public radio station in her former hometown, Ketchikan, Alaska. Vikstrom correctly thought that The Current would be a great platform for a video adaptation, and her Ketchikan contacts were happy to see the idea expand.

Want more? Click here to listen to the 2015 readings.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Connects

  1. On April 2, we honor the late Norm Olsen with a repeat of his 2015 performance. We remember Norm as a kind man, a good poet, and an early and enthusiastic support of the project.

  2. I loved Noah Bingham’s recitation. Beautifully paced and with great expression. I’m looking forward to seeing Noah on the HVSF stage one day.

  3. Wow! Eighth grade Noah’s recitation of Shakespeare knocked me out. I’ll see you performing at Hudson Valley Shakespeare in a few years.

  4. Mary Newell’s poem speaks with a modern voice of reality while touching the highest of humankind’s aspirations.

  5. I’m a fan of Jo Pitkin’s work, and I must say that I love her poem “Ferry” even more when she reads it aloud than when I read it on the page. Thank you for providing this lovely space for poetry to be heard!

  6. Wonderful entries I read every day. Kill us? Never! What a series. Thank you.

  7. Thanks to Mary Anne Myers for all her hard work in connecting with and videotaping local readers and writers. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate National Poetry Month. I made sure to mention this unique project at the panel I moderated at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival last weekend!