I am supporting Antony Tseng in his candidacy for the Beacon City School District School Board. Mr. Tseng is concerned and dedicated to making some serious changes. He is very passionate and committed to the students and their families within the district.

Antony is a strong and inspiring advocate for getting the community more involved with what is going on throughout the district. He knows the district and knows what is needed to make it one of the better ones. Antony also wants to bring more entitlement to the special-needs students and their families. He plans on doing so by bringing more programs to help them. He wants to make the parents more aware of their rights and resources their child has within the district and the community.

On May 17, please vote for Antony Tseng so he can apply this determination on behalf of your child.

Angela Pagliaro, Beacon

There is a candidate for the Beacon City School District Board of Education who exemplifies the entire scope of what a community seeks in having its children’s educational programs protected, enhanced, relevant and essential. Antony Tseng is that candidate.

Antony, a Beacon citizen for many years, has worked and volunteered his time and efforts to improve the quality of life in the Beacon community. He volunteers in various organizations that exist to serve people in need, in dangerous and difficult situations, and in preparing others to also take part in making a significant contribution to their community. In addition, the voice of parents in a school district is critical to the success of the educational life of each child.

As a proud and conscientious parent, Antony will maintain a voice to be heard.  Parents of Beacon’s children can feel confident that Antony will work hard to create a transparent board and as a member of the Board of Education he will be there to serve, respect and respond to their views and concerns.

Beacon residents, on May 17, please cast your vote for school board candidate Antony Tseng. You’ll be glad you did!

Florence Northcutt, Beacon

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