Manitoga Tours Begin May 13

Illuminated paintings by Peter Bynum on exhibit

Ecstatic Light, an installation of illuminated paintings by Peter Bynum, will be on display in Russel Wright’s house and studio beginning May 13, marking Manitoga’s first presentation of a contemporary artist within its interiors.

From Ecstatic Light, by Peter Bynum (image provided)

From Ecstatic Light, by Peter Bynum (image provided)

Bynum “has conceived a new way of painting,” explained Executive Director Allison Cross. “He presses paint between multiple sheets of glass to release its primal energy, then infuses it with light to expose paint’s intrinsic branching behavior.” Says Bynum: “When paint is suffused with light, this ‘secret life’ of paint is revealed.”

Manitoga is located at 584 Route 9D. Tours will take place through November on Friday through Monday at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. See for details. Manitoga also opens an exhibit on May 13 of spun aluminum designs by Wright.

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