Engineer will discuss plan suggested by mayor

The second in a series of Science Cafés hosted by the Beacon Institute will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, at The Hop. In “Beacon, NY:  Where Engineers Order Their Water Straight Up,” Frank DiLorenzo and Jeff McHugh will outline an engineering case study that aims to send stormwater runoff up Mount Beacon to recharge the drought-prone Beacon Reservoir.

The Beacon Reservoir (photo provided)
The Beacon Reservoir (photo provided)

The study was inspired by a proposal by Beacon Mayor Randy Casale while meeting with DiLorenzo and McHugh to discuss erosion damage to Mount Beacon’s emergency access road and the effect of drought on the reservoir. DiLorenzo, a retired Metro-North mechanical engineer, has drawn up a plan that could address both problems.

The Hop is located at 554 Main St. Registration is required by visiting

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