Letter: A Happy Place for a Granddaughter

In March 2015 my granddaughter’s parents were seeking a change to their daughter’s pre-school experience. They reached out to the Philipstown community through chats and social media for information that led them to Community Nursery School at the Presbyterian Church in Cold Spring.

In addition to many personal and very positive recommendations, people directed them to an article that described the school as the “happiest place in town.” So each morning this school year, her grandfather and I bring our granddaughter to the Happiest Place in Town, where she is met with smiles and greetings from the staff (Mrs. Rodino, Mrs. Pidala, Miss Jess, Mrs. Dwyer and this spring’s intern, Miss Claire). Then she is off to a variety of self-directed activities with her classmates before the teacher-directed social and academic activities infused with stories and songs begin.

The director, Mrs. Rodino, communicates frequently about the activities the students participate in and each month provides a calendar of events. As needed, she and Mrs. Pidala communicate with the family regarding our granddaughter and they have a sharp eye for her strengths and challenges.

As both a grandparent and a lifelong educator (teacher, principal and college professor), I can say that the decision my son and his wife made was the right one for our granddaughter. We know that we watched her grow and develop in the Happiest Place in Town and look forward to another year there in the fall.

Ruthanne Cullinan Barr, Cold Spring

One thought on “Letter: A Happy Place for a Granddaughter

  1. Community was also a wonderful, nurturing place for my son and we are so thankful for Mrs. Rodino and the other teachers – they bring kindness, joy and love to every day. My son thrived there. Thank you Community!