Pataki Home for Rent: $20K/Month

Or rent on Lane Gate Road for the same

Former New York governor George Pataki and his wife Libby have placed their Garrison home on the summer rental market for $20,000 per month. The 14-bedroom home is promoted as “the best summer rental in Garrison” with “the largest pool in the area.”

The Pataki home (Source: Hudson Gateway MLS)

The Pataki home (Source: Hudson Gateway MLS)

Built in 1893, the 10,400-square-foot home has 14 bedrooms and 8½ baths on 6.5 acres overlooking the Hudson. The New York Post’s Page Six reported on the property on June 19, although it has been listed since February. The Patakis purchased the home for $700,000 in 1986 during Pataki’s second year representing the 91st District as a member of the state assembly.

The kitchen of the Pataki home (Source: Hudson Gateway MLS)

The kitchen of the Pataki home (Source: Hudson Gateway MLS)

Other Garrison rentals include 75 Oak Hollow Road for $5,000 per month, 5 Allen Road for $4,550 and 1674 Route 9 for $4,000. In Cold Spring, the home at 377 Lane Gate Road, with expansive views of the Hudson, is also listed for $20,000 a month.

The view from 377 Lane Gate Road, available for $20K per month.

The view from 377 Lane Gate Road, available for $20K per month. (Source: Hudson Gateway MLS)

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One thought on “Pataki Home for Rent: $20K/Month

  1. I find it painful to see a rental listed a for $20,000/month while families struggle to survive on less than $20,000 a year. We are a country where the wealthy rule while the 98 percent has grown more impoverished and disempowered. For every person with more than $30 million, there are over 4,800 people living in extreme poverty. This gross inequality is a symptom of an unjust and unfair economic system that allows the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor. The appeal of a demagogue (who is “a national joke”) who campaigns on racism, sexism and xenophobia emerges in part from distrust of a government that has failed them.