Mosquito Control Day in Putnam July 12

Zika education bags available at Philipstown Town Hall

County Executive MaryEllen Odell and interim Commissioner of Health Dr. Michael J. Nesheiwat are calling on residents to dump all standing water on their property during Mosquito Control Day on Tuesday, July 12.

Free Zika education bags will be available at Philipstown Town Hall at 238 Main St. in Cold Spring during business hours while supplies last. Each bag contains information about mosquito control and Zika virus, and two mosquito “dunks.” These donut-shaped mosquito control products are made from a biological larvicide that kills mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite. The kits also include a sample DEET wipe.

“Residents should check their yards and dump all standing water that can be removed,” said Odell. “If the water cannot be easily emptied, consider using a mosquito dunk. This will help reduce the mosquito population.”

Neisheiwat said “another crucial strategy is to prevent mosquito bites. Apply an EPA-approved insect repellant, such as those containing DEET, and dress in long sleeves and pants which may be unpleasant on hot and humid summer days.”

Fortunately, he added, “the mosquito that could prove to be a local carrier of the Zika virus is not currently in Putnam.”

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