Owl Rescued from Soccer Net

On Saturday, July 9, Garrison resident Suzie Gilbert, wild bird rehabilitator and author, was visiting a friend in Beacon when she noticed a Facebook post from Julian Paik about an owl tangled in a soccer net at Beacon High School.

Rescuing an owl from a soccer net in Beacon (Photos courtesy of the Beacon PBA)

Rescuing an owl from a soccer net in Beacon (Photos courtesy of the Beacon PBA)

She immediately went to the field to assist the Beacon Police Department officers O’Connor, Confield, and Durkin in their response.

“When I arrived, the owl had been cut loose but the net was still tightly tangled around him,” she said. “This was a strong, healthy Great Horned Owl and not in a good mood, so it was wise they waited for me! I held him with gloves while Officer Durkin cut the remaining ropes. The owl was not injured, so we left him in the long grass at the base of a big tree, so he could hide and rest until nightfall. You don’t want owls flying away during the day, they’ll be attacked by songbirds and crows. It was a great group effort.”

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