Letters: Camille Linson for Town Justice

None of us expects to come before the Town Justice, or any judge for that matter. But maybe we will one day on our own behalf or in support of another. If I do, I hope that Camille Linson is the presiding justice because I know that she will be fair, well-prepared and impartial in her judgment, no matter what the particular case involves.

The pedigree of her education and the breadth of her legal experience speak for themselves: her impartiality, diligence and moral code I can attest to, having worked with her when we both were officers of a venerable local non-profit association. We had some tough calls during that time and Camille led the rest of us in making the right one by listening closely, doing the necessary research and weighing the arguments without bias towards either side.

Camille is a dedicated individual who will do all that is required of being a judge, including keeping up with that continuing judicial education that the law calls for. She will serve us well in this sensitive and important position. We are fortunate that she is running.

Please vote for Camille Linson for Philipstown Town Justice. You can do so twice. First in the Democratic primary on Sept. 13 and then on Election Day on Nov. 8.

Nat Prentice, Garrison

We in America are all concerned, of course, about who our next Supreme Court Justice will be. But just as important for us in Philipstown is the upcoming choice for Town Justice, and both of us believe that the ideal candidate for that position is Camille Linson. Each of us has worked with Camille professionally, coming to her for advice on legal issues and contractual wording. In addition, she has served as our spokesperson in delicate business negotiations, and she has always been more than wise and extraordinarily fair, carrying out her job to our complete satisfaction.

We intend to vote for her come Election Day, and we hope that Philipstown residents will follow suit in supporting her in the Democratic Primary as well as on Nov. 8.

John Pielmeier
Irene O’Garden

As a Philipstown resident, I urge voters to support Camille Linson for Town Justice in the Democratic primary on Sept. 13. Camille is a cum laude graduate of Harvard with a J.D. from Vanderbilt Law School. She is Cold Spring resident of many years and a board member of the Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce.

As an attorney, I have worked with Camille – both on the same side and on the opposite side of the table –  and I know her to be thorough and professional, as well as a very effective and articulate advocate. At the same time, she is measured, generous and easy to work with. These are all key qualities for a town justice who needs to communicate sometimes complicated matters and consequences in a balanced way to people who appear before her, many of whom will not be represented by counsel.

Camille speaks Spanish, which is an asset to public servants in our multilingual community, as well as German, French and Mandarin Chinese. We will be fortunate to have such an accomplished woman and mother serving as our Town Justice.

Thomas Whyatt, Garrison

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