Letter: Start the Fjord at Dockside

It’s Brian Nice here, the guy in the wheelchair. My childhood friend, Julie, is typing this for me. I don’t really have use of my fine motor skills for typing. Thank you for taking public opinion about the Fjord Trail. Being a handicapped person, you know, a guy in a wheelchair, is a real drag, let me tell you. I would like therefore to suggest you start the Fjord Trail at Dockside Park where there could be plenty of handicapped parking.

It’s funny we’re talking about this, because the other day I was envisioning Dockside Park with a playground like Peekskill, plenty of benches and trees, parking, handicapped parking and a concession stand with café-style seating to take in the great view. It would be a great place to start a trail, like the Fjord Trail. I envision a walkway, starting at Dockside and hugging the coast of the Hudson River. I don’t think it would be wise to start the trail at Fair Street. Parking would be a drag for someone like me and it would be bad for the residents as well. Makes more sense to start where there could be plenty of parking, getting all those dangerous hikers/cars off Route 9D.

My daughter often comes up from Texas to visit me. I take her down to the playground where we can interact and play. The playground setup is great because it doesn’t look like a handicapped setup, and it allows me to interact with my child. It’s pretty cool. The walkway is also great too because I can go on walks with her.

It would be great for the town and everyone to start the walkway at Dockside Park. It would bring lots of business to merchants without inconveniencing residents. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help out. It seems I have some time on my hands. You know, seven years ago I was much like you, but all that’s changed and now I’m stuck in this stupid chair, but who would ever think I’d be an advocate for the handicapped? So, any input, I’m happy to contribute.

P.S. You might be able to get federal funding because the path and playground would be set up for the handicapped. Just a thought.

Brian Nice, Garrison

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