Letter: Serino Campaign

As the state senator for the 41st District, Sue Serino represents us, her constituents; she just doesn’t want to be around us during election season.

There’s no law against a candidate not campaigning, but I’m wondering what Serino has against debating her opponent Terry Gipson, or showing her face in public this fall.

For example, she declined to attend a Oct. 10 candidates’ forum hosted by the League of Women voters in Mahopac. You also did not see her at a Town Hall meeting Oct. 12 at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center to discuss the state’s arts policy.

We know she’s not shy — she is outgoing enough to have a very successful real estate business, selling property to all sorts of people.

Is our state senator hiding something? Is our state senator thin-skinned?

Maybe she is just not a good public speaker and has a hard time defending her positions?

Maybe she feels she can win again without showing her face to the electorate, as she did in 2014?

If you are eager to meet Sen. Serino: for $60 to $2,500, you could have had dinner with her Oct. 5 at the Villa Borghese. She has a dinner at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie Oct. 17, where you can enjoy her presence for a mere $75 (cash, check or credit card).

Steve O’Connor, Hopewell Junction

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