Letters: Linson for Philipstown Town Justice

In the race for Philipstown Town Justice I had the unique opportunity to have been present for the Conservative Party interview of both candidates. The one I believe will serve our town best is Camille Linson.

Nearly all of the committee was impressed with Ms. Linson, well above her opponent. We believe Camille to be a person of great integrity, and someone who has a tremendous respect for the law, the Constitution, and the rights of the individual. She is a very intelligent attorney educated in some of the finest institutions in America, as well as abroad. Her law background is highly diversified and in this respect she is well qualified for the job of Town Justice.

Camille was such a breath of fresh air during her interview, that I thought it was important to get to know her better. I went to her “meet and greet” and a few follow-up meetings. She is always happy to meet people, and finds value in whatever anyone brings to the conversation; she is wonderfully humble. One of her best qualities, a lost art in contemporary America, is that she listens intently to what people have to say! That is a quality of a true fact finder.

While her opinions are important, they are never preconceived notions, she is not waiting to interrupt, and when she reveals her thoughts on an issue, they are always backed with facts. I admire that she is open-minded and seems to treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new; this appears to be the fuel that drives her in all of her endeavors, especially as an attorney. Unafraid to speak her mind and give it to you straight; she does so with a remarkable respect for the dignity of others. She has an exceptional ability to speak with confidence and to convey the most complicated issues in easy to understand everyday language.

Considering that the Town Justice is likely to be the only contact most citizens will have with the court system, whether it be a civil suit, a traffic violation, or God forbid something more serious, I know I want someone who will be there to guarantee my individual right to justice is protected, who will not be affected by outside political influences and who has the guts to allow nothing but the law to point the way to justice. Thank you Camille Linson, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. I am confident you will do this town proud as our next Town Justice.

Keith Anderson, Philipstown

Anderson is chairman of the Conservative Party of Philipstown.

I am writing to follow up on my earlier letter before the primary in support of Camille Linson, the Democratic candidate for Philipstown Town Justice.

I have written about Camille’s moral character and intellectual ability, her willingness to listen and analyze the situation at hand and her integrity and impartiality in reaching a decision. These are qualities that I have witnessed firsthand in working with her over the course of several years. They are an essential part of what she will bring to the job of Town Justice.

But there is more to doing a good job as Town Justice than having the qualities that I described above. This is a job where the relevance of the candidates’ experience is very important. And the longer and broader and more general that experience is the better. Camille has been practicing civil, commercial and criminal law for 20 years. Her experience has helped her come to know the law so well that she can explain it and its application in terms that are readily understandable to people like me.

The legal system we have in this country is one of the cornerstones of our society, but it needs proper interpretation to be effective and fair. Proper interpretation comes from experience, having seen a lot of cases in a variety of different areas of the law. Camille’s experience is both broad and general. And it includes pro bono work on behalf of those who need legal help, but can’t afford legal fees.

I believe that Camille has the qualities that are required of a thoughtful, effective and fair Town Justice. I endorse her candidacy and encourage you to vote for her on Election Day in November.

Nat Prentice, Garrison

Camille Linson has my vote for Philipstown Town Justice.

Born in the Hudson Valley and a Philipstown resident for 18 years, Camille is the only legitimate choice. She has more than 20 years of experience, she deeply cares about our community and she will serve Philipstown with fairness and expert attention.

Knowing her both professionally and personally, Camille is committed to her family and to Philipstown. She is considerate, diplomatic and intellectual. She is a very active member of the community, including with the chamber of commerce and Haldane.

She will apply her professional skills and experience to make a positive contribution to our town as judge. She understands that the town justice is a great responsibility and she will ensure that those of us who experience court will be treated fairly and efficiently, that our voices are heard, and that all decisions she makes will be rendered impartially.

I implore all registered Philipstown voters to join me on Nov. 8. Each of our votes is critical to elect Camille Linson, the best person for Philipstown Town Justice.

Laura Lee Holmbo, Cold Spring

I have known Camille Linson on a personal and professional basis since 2014. Camille is a remarkable person. In my experience, she is exceptionally competent, fair, calm under pressure and clear-thinking. Being an aboveboard, straightforward, ethical person makes her a tremendous asset to our community.

Camille is extremely well qualified for the job as our next Philipstown Town Justice. Following are just some of her qualifications: Her high level of education includes studying at Harvard and Oxford, among other esteemed institutions. She has lived and worked in diverse cultures including Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Germany. (Her language skills include German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese!) She has worked as an attorney in New York for 20 years, practicing a wide-range of law from her own law firm in Cold Spring, as well as being an associate or of counsel for corporate law firms in New York City.

During the more than 15 years Camille and her family have resided in Philipstown (in Cold Spring), she has demonstrated a dedicated track record of volunteer work. This includes serving on the Board of the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce and, as a mother of a Haldane student, on numerous committees at Haldane. As co-president of the Haldane PTA, Camille helped lead a project that designed, raised funds for, and installed a beautiful new Elementary School playground to replace one that had become outdated and unsafe.

Her expertise helped ensure that the new playground and its installation complied with all the playground requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That she was born and grew up in the Hudson Valley (across the Hudson River near the Hamlet of Wallkill), and that her parents now also reside in Cold Spring, attest to how deeply Camille is invested in our community.

Camille will work with her colleagues both in her political party and across the aisle, enhance the conversation, and bring a level of dignity and civility to our town. A vote for Camille is a vote for integrity, dedication, and exceptional legal competence.

Imogene Drummond, Garrison

We support Camille Linson for Philipstown Town Justice. Camille handled a difficult real estate transaction in Cold Spring for us and did so carefully, thoroughly and diplomatically.  Her legal and problem-solving acumen are matched only by her integrity, fair mindedness and community spirit.

In addition to her two decades practicing law as a member of the New York Bar, Camille has served the community for many years — on the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce board and on multiple committees as her son advanced through Haldane.  Camille is the real deal and will make an outstanding Town Justice.

Bruce Croushore and Michele Hilmes, Cold Spring

Camille Linson is a brilliant, focused, sensible, astute and wise lawyer with whom I’ve worked and whom I greatly admire. She will make a terrific Town Justice and I urge everyone to vote for her on Nov. 8.

Robert Bickford, Cold Spring

We have known Camille Linson, a candidate for Philipstown Town Justice, for many years. She is intelligent, honest, compassionate and deeply passionate about her work. She is also a down-to-earth and relatable person with many years of professional legal experience.

Through her work ethics, hard work and dedication, Camille has gained our respect and admiration as well as the respect and admiration of many in our community.

Camille would be an excellent choice for Town Justice. We plan to vote for her Nov. 8 and urge all others to join us.

The Erichson Family, Cold Spring

Without a doubt, Camille Linson is the most qualified candidate for Philipstown Town Justice. I have known Camille for 15 years as a fantastic mom, a supportive friend and a reliable volunteer at Haldane. Many don’t know how much pro bono work she has done helping others with legal services at no cost and also that she worked to pay her way through both college and law school.

Camille is truly a fair, intelligent, generous and incredibly hard-working person and a constant champion of kids and families. I strongly believe that Philipstown will greatly benefit from having Camille Linson as its next Town Justice.

Katie Bissinger, Cold Spring

I am writing to you in support of the candidacy of Camille Linson for Town Justice.

Camille was born and raised in the Hudson Valley and left the area only briefly to pursue her education (Harvard, Oxford, Vanderbilt Law) and early career. Her family is now firmly rooted in Philipstown and through the last two decades she has demonstrated her dedication to this community. Over the course of several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Camille and watching her leadership skills in action.

She has held responsible positions in the Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce, the Haldane PTA,  the Haldane School Improvement Teams and the Communities Leaders Committee. Through Camille’s dedicated volunteerism she has demonstrated that she is hard working, down-to-earth and practical. Her professionalism  and can-do attitude make her a solid role model for public service .

Camille has served as an attorney for 20 years and quietly contributes many uncelebrated  hours of pro bono legal work. Her experience is broad and crosses many legal subject areas, which is an essential asset for this position.  Because she has her own law practice, there is no impediment to her availability to serve in this part-time judicial position. She would be free to schedule both day and evening court hours, and would be free of any actual or perceived professional conflict.

Camille’s intellectual, professional and personal integrity are evidenced by the scope and caliber of her educational and employment backgrounds. She demonstrates the ability to listen, guide and make sound decisions in the best interest of our community. Camille’s positive attitude and ethical business credentials will create a balanced approach to any challenges that she may be faced with in the Philipstown courtroom.

I urge you to join me in supporting Camille Linson for Town Judge on Nov. 8.

Margaret Parr, Cold Spring

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