Ralph and I are supporters of Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice. I have known Faye since we were college roommates at the University of Dayton more than 35 years ago. We shared criminal justice and social work courses where she professed to our circle of friends that someday she was going to be an attorney and a judge. She set her mind to it, worked her way through law school while raising three children and holding a full-time job, and passed the bar exam to become an attorney.

Ralph got to know Faye when she moved to New York and had the opportunity to spend time with her once we were married. Ralph’s comments about Faye:

“I don’t know many people who raise a family of three, all of whom graduate from college, yet is able to attend law school at the same time, but Faye did just that! She also passed the bar exam on the first attempt. Faye chose to use her education and her skills to follow her compassionate side, working for Putnam County as an attorney focusing on child abuse, and she has done an outstanding job for our town and our county, with accolades from New York State and Putnam County. Many would join the corporate side of law for the salary and perks, but Faye followed her heart, and will continue to do so. Faye is a very compassionate woman, but very strong and I firmly believe she will follow the rule of law in our courts. I can’t think of a better candidate or a better Town Justice than Faye will be for our town.”

We believe now is Faye’s time to fulfill the second half of her dream by becoming our Philipstown Town Justice. She is eager to follow Dayton’s mission statement of “Learn, Lead & Serve.” Her commitment to community, background and courtroom experience speak volumes to support such an effort. We believe Faye will administer the law in a fair and reasonable manner and are proud to support her with this ever-important endeavor.

Please join us in voting for Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Justice on Nov. 8.

Teri and Ralph Fleming, Cold Spring

This November the residents of Philipstown will be voting for a new Town Justice. I urge you all to vote for my sister-in-law, Faye Thorpe. Working with the legal system is much more than a job for Faye; it is her passion and has been since she was a child. After studying criminal justice and graduating with honors from the University of Dayton, her plan to attend law school was put on hold so she could dedicate her time to raising her three children, who all attended Haldane. Her love and respect for the law never waned. Once the kids were old enough, she returned to Pace Law School, all the while working a full-time job.

Not only did Faye work full time while attending law school, she also found time to volunteer for many local organizations including the Haldane PTA, Haldane Football Association, CYO Basketball, Philipstown Little League, Butterfield Library, Our Lady of Loretto and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Faye has worked as an attorney for Putnam County as well as in private practice. She currently serves as counsel for the Putnam County Department of Social Services and appears regularly in the many courts of Putnam County. Faye works tirelessly to protect all the citizens of Putnam County, both young and old. She advocates for those who often can’t help themselves; the victims of domestic violence and abuse. She also helps children without a safe home find foster care families and permanent homes via adoption.

While this work can be rewarding, I believe Faye can do even more for the residents of Philipstown by becoming our next Town Justice. She has both the necessary courtroom and real-life experience and is fully dedicated to serving our Town as she has done for the past 38 years. When November comes, please join me and cast your vote for Faye Thorpe.

Kathy Tomann, Cold Spring

I would like to encourage the residents of Philipstown to vote for Faye Thorpe as Town Justice on Election Day. I have known Faye for more than 30 years and found her to be honest, reliable, intelligent, open-minded and energetic. She was able to earn her law degree while raising three children who have had successful careers. She has volunteered many hours of her time to both community and professional organizations. She has the legal expertise and life experiences that will make her a fair and dedicated judge. Faye will be committed to fulfil the requirements of being a town justice and will serve Philipstown well in this very sensitive and important position.

Please join me on Election Day and support Faye.

Dan Dillon, Cold Spring

I am writing to support Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice. Faye has been a nearly 40-year member of the Philipstown community, in which she has raised a family as a working wife and mother, and has also been a practicing attorney for more than 13 years. She is currently chief counsel for the Putnam County Department of Social Services, a position which requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the law, nearly daily court appearances, as well as the ability to deal with people in a variety of circumstances, often in times of crisis.

Faye’s extensive courtroom and trial experience at her current post, as well as during her previous years in private practice, have made her a seasoned and experienced advocate and litigator.

Additionally, as a fellow attorney and colleague, I have personally witnessed the integrity, prudence and competency in which Faye conducts herself on a daily basis. These are qualities that translate well to the bench, and would certainly qualify this candidate to be a fair, reasonable and practical judge in the administration and application of the law.

For these reasons, I urge your support of Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice this Election Day.

Christopher A. Montalto, Poughkeepsie

I do not often publicly endorse political candidates. However, my support of Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice comes with overwhelming enthusiasm and complete conviction.

I have known Faye for more than 30 years. She has always been – and continues to be — an active and engaged supporter of the Philipstown community, taking on numerous projects and assignments and always going above and beyond what is asked or required of her.

Thorpe is a tireless and dedicated worker who brings steadfast commitment to virtually everything she does, be it personal or professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, equitable, motivated and is of impeccable character.

Faye is highly qualified to serve as Town Justice and will bring her solid experience and integrity to the position. I offer her my unwavering support and ask that you to do the same and vote for Faye on Nov. 8.

Lori Moss, Cold Spring

I would like to express my support for Faye Thorpe who is running for Town Justice in the November election. While yes, she is my mother. But that does not change the fact she is the most qualified candidate.

My mother has always loved the law; she would have been a lawyer in the 1980s if not for me and my siblings. She put her professional life on hold, to dedicate as much time as possible to her kids. While still working full time, she still had time to be there 100 percent for her kids. She never missed a sporting event, a play or a recital. She was the one on the sidelines usually embarrassing, I mean cheering her kids on.

She also volunteered where ever and whenever she could; whether it be as a Scout Troop Leader/Den Mother, or as president of the Football and Basketball Associations. She always made sure the organizations had the help they needed and that all the participants received ample attention.

Once my siblings and I grew a little older, my mother enrolled in law school while continuing to work full time and raise her family. It was hard to complain about my high school homework when I saw the books my mom had to haul around to night class after working a full day. She worked all day and studied all night. On weekends, she never missed anything in our lives. She truly was a “super mom.”

When my mother graduated law school, she continued to make us proud. While she could have worked in the more lucrative private sector like other candidates, she decided to put children first and work as the Department of Social Services attorney. Her job is not easy. Some of the cases bring her to tears. But the satisfaction that she gains by putting the children first and using the law to fight for their rights is more than enough joy to fill one’s heart.

Money cannot substitute for the satisfaction she gets out of helping just one child. She is more than a lawyer to these families: she has become a role model, a life coach and counselor for them. Her phone can ring all hours of the day and night, and she always remains firm in her stance to put the children first.

Faye Thorpe is more than a lawyer. She is active member of the community and a natural leader. She married a third generation Cold Springer and the rest is history. She is well-respected; many of my friends look up to her as a second mom. She loves this town, loves the people in it and will do what is necessary to be fair and just. A vote for Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8 is a vote for Philipstown, a vote to put children first, a vote for all people of the community.

Rob Thorpe

I will be crossing party lines to vote for Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8, as the Philipstown Town Justice position is an apolitical one.

I am a lifelong Philipstown resident and have known Faye Thorpe for more than 20 years. She has always impressed me as the most hardworking member of our community, rarely saying “no” to any organization in need of volunteers, especially where children are involved.

As the Director of Health Care and Corporate Compliance at Topfield Equestrian Center (formerly the Therapeutic Equestrian Center) right here in Philipstown, I deal with special-needs children on a daily basis. I am keenly aware of the passion and dedication it takes to be an effective advocate for children. Faye ensures that disenfranchised children are afforded their legal rights – she gives them a “voice.”

Faye is intelligent, fair and open-minded. Please join me in supporting Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8. A vote for Faye is a vote for the people of Philipstown.

Megan Cotter, Cold Spring

I have known Faye Thorpe, candidate for Town Justice, since she moved to Philipstown more than 37 years ago. She is intelligent, honest and experienced. She possesses the judicial temperament necessary to serve as our Town Justice; she is compassionate, yet tough when necessary. She will bring a wise and balanced approach to problem-solving on the bench.

I have witnessed Faye grow from a new mother devoted to raising her three small children, to a working mother intent on obtaining a law degree while working full time. She has since transitioned into a staunch advocate for children of Putnam County, all while volunteering tirelessly in this community. She has instilled her sense of civic-mindedness into her children, each of whom volunteer for various organizations in their own communities.

As a parent I have a special appreciation for the importance, and selflessness involved in the field of child advocacy. As a result, I have the utmost respect for Faye’s strong character and tenacious spirit, especially when protecting the rights of children.

Each of us in Philipstown would be well served by having Faye Thorpe, an experienced litigator and trial attorney, and dedicated and responsible member of this town, as our Town Justice.

Please join me in voting for Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8.

Phil Cotennec, Cold Spring

I have known Faye Thorpe, candidate for Town Justice, for more than 30 years. She is a devoted mother, having raised three successful, civic-minded children. She is a tireless volunteer, donating countless hours of her time to over a dozen organizations in our community since moving here nearly 38 years ago. She is a loyal friend, offering unending love and support to me during the darkest time in my life, when my husband, Joe, passed away suddenly last year. It was my late husband who first encouraged Faye to run for Town Justice, so I am proud to support her in this effort.

In Faye’s work with the Department of Social Services, she strives to keep families together whenever possible, arranging for support, counseling and training for parents in need. But her focus is always on the best interests of the child. As a mother of four, a grandmother, and an individual who works with special-needs children, I applaud Faye’s dedication to the children in our county.

Faye is intelligent, experienced, open-minded and courageous.

I highly recommend Faye Thorpe for the position of Philipstown Town Justice. Please vote for Faye on Nov. 8.

Suzanne Giachinta, Cold Spring

I am writing to support Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice. I have known Faye for more than 30 years.  She has always been a compassionate, loving and supportive friend to me and my family.

As a working mother myself, I know how hard and tireless it can be. I have watched Faye go from raising her children and working full-time to pursuing her passion in law. During that time I witnessed Faye as she juggled it all with grace, hard-work and dedication.

Faye now has many years of practice working has an attorney. During those years she has gained courtroom knowledge and experience. She has also displayed her compassion, empathy and consideration for others.

I know Faye will serve our community with the same grace, hard-work and compassion I have seen over the years.

I urge you all to Vote for Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8 for Town Justice.

Katie Cucchiarella, Garrison

This letter is to offer my complete support for Faye Thorpe as she is considered for Philipstown Justice. As election day approaches, I strongly encourage all voters to do the same.

I am the youngest of Faye Thorpe’s children and so it would be easy for me to brag about how awesome my mom is, because she certainly is. However, I am writing to show you why my mother is so qualified and deserving of this position.

As you may know from her resume or from previous letters, my mother went back to Law School at Pace University when I was nine years old. As impressive as that is, she never expressed a sign of struggle, and simply put, she just worked hard. My mom may not know it, and I may not have understood it at the time, but that hard work ethic she displayed day in and day out was somehow ingrained in me. Her determination is what now inspires me to meet my own career goals. Currently I am 26 years old and finishing up my Ph.D. in Geology at Stony Brook University as a NASA fellow. Certainly challenging at times, but I can say with conviction that following my mother’s work ethic has helped me continue on my path.

Working through graduate school in the field of science promotes not only growth in the classroom, but provides ample experience in the lab and field. The knowledge learned from the classroom provides me with a solid foundation for my Ph.D., but the hands-on experience doing field work and experiments in the lab has provided me with an intangible skill set. Although my mom may not be a geologist like me, we can relate on experience adding to one’s expertise. My mother’s daily trial courtroom appearances has taken her from a great lawyer to a skilled litigator as well. This experience coupled with her work ethic is why I know my mom is well equipped to be the next Philipstown Justice.

So on election day, I will be heading to the polls to vote for the next Town Judge who possess the experience to hold the gavel, the desire to work hard for this community, and the dedication to represent Philipstown. That candidate will be Faye Thorpe.

Michael Thorpe, Cold Spring

I am writing to endorse Faye Thorpe for Philipstown Town Justice. I’m thrilled to have two great community members running for this position. It’s hard to find good people willing to step up!

So why will I be voting for Faye? The simple answer is, because I know her. I know her energy, compassion, and intelligence. I have had the privilege watching as she raised three children, balanced husband and family, worked several jobs, and achieved her dream of graduating law school.

This is Faye, she is a doer – period. She has a heart of gold, strong character, and sharp mind. Yet, I think what truly sets Faye apart from her competition is her extensive courtroom experience. Faye has spent years working with the courts to help families in crisis. She has focused her attention on improving the lives of children.

I hope you will join me and vote for Faye Thorpe on Nov. 8.

Gillian Thorpe, Cold Spring

I urge all Philipstown residents to vote for Faye Thorpe for Town Justice on Nov. 8. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Faye for almost 30 years. We have gotten to know each other well through our daughters, but I’d already seen just how active Faye and the Thorpe family were in the life of our community. We worked together to benefit Haldane, Little League, and Rec for decades.

Faye combines knowledgeable dedication to the law with a strong history of service to our community. She has great integrity, a good heart, and excellent judgment — just the combination that a Town Justice needs to apply the law with the right mix of firmness and compassion.

While raising her family, she pursued her life long passion for the law and earned her degree-not to pursue corporate riches, but to serve the public. Her work protecting the rights of children and victims of domestic abuse has given her very practical experience in how the justice system can protect the vulnerable while offering all people due process and fairness. As a pediatrician, I have special respect for those who dedicate their professional lives to the needs of at risk children and families.

I am a lifelong registered Democrat, but I have always believed in voting for the best person for the job. This is imperative in local elections, where partisan ideology rarely has anything to do with getting a job done well.  Faye’s name appears on the Republican (B) and Independence (F) lines, so you can vote for her on either one. Please vote for her on Nov. 8.

Paul Kaye, Cold Spring

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