Letters: Galef for State Assembly

We keep learning about some elected officials and employees in state government who have abused their positions and now face the justice system. It makes me cringe with disappointment and anger every time this happens.

But there is an elected official in our state government who upholds high ethical standards and is an example for others to emulate. That is Assemblywoman Sandy Galef.

Throughout her many years in office, Sandy has followed certain principles that are admired by her colleagues and those she represents. From her first day in state office, she started the process of seeking reforms in the power structure, legislative transparency and ethics policies. Sandy continues to advocate for these changes so that abuses in government will stop and that state government will gain back respect from the public.

We are fortunate to have Sandy Galef in the New York State legislature and I encourage everyone in the 95th District to vote for her on Election Day.

Anne E. Impellizzeri, Cold Spring

As many may already know, I had the opportunity to work for New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef for eight years and witnessed firsthand how she works so hard to improve the communities and the lives of the residents in her district and throughout New York State. Beyond her tremendous advocacy and honesty, she makes a point to attend as many events as possible supporting important social causes, businesses, veterans groups, first responders and houses of worship and meeting everyone in her district.

As town supervisor in Ossining, I have also seen how she works to help her communities through legislation and advocacy. One important example was how she helped get phase-in legislation passed to help people impacted severely by the town-wide reassessment.  Sandy believes in the value of transparency and accuracy in tax assessment rolls but also understood what a huge shift was occurring for some properties which had been under-assessed for many years. To ease the transition to a full-value assessment roll, she sponsored legislation in the state that would allow those with very sharp increases to have their increases phased-in over three years.  This will hopefully make it easier for those impacted to figure out how best to plan for the future.

Without reassessment, we would continue inequities in property taxing with similar properties and neighbors often paying very different rates for tax purposes. We also would continue to encourage tax certioraris, legal action and retroactive tax payments which have cost us as taxpayers upwards of $8 million in the past 10 years alone.

Sandy Galef with all her experience as Chair of the NYS Assembly Real Property Committee and as an advocate for the people proved once again why she is so valuable to our community with this legislation.  Please join me on Nov. 8 in voting to support Sandy Galef for NYS Assembly.

Dana Levenberg, Ossining

I first met New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef when I hosted a benefit for The Paramount Theater in Peekskill 20 years ago. Instead of enjoying the classical guitar music and sipping chilled wine, Sandy spent the muggy August afternoon listening to the concerns and suggestions of all who recognized her.

In the years following Sandy has helped my neighbors and me with issues ranging from a compromised storm drain to a poorly run medical office. When you call Sandy you know she is interested and knowledgeable.

A visit to Sandy’s website provides an exhaustive list of her accomplishments and goals. I would like to stress that she advocates for all of her constituents—combining vision and experience. Sandy’s solutions are not constrained by an ideology or an attachment to a single issue, but by what will work for our towns and communities.

When I went to see Sandy Galef debate at the Mahopac Library it was clear to me that she does not merely want to win—she wants to serve.

Andrea Black Jeffries, Mohegan Lake

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