Welcome to Spookytown

Residents organize trick-or-treating at Chestnut Ridge

A group of Cold Spring residents whose children have grown up trick-or-treating in the Village but never ventured to the retirement community at Chestnut Ridge have organized the first Spookytown for Monday, Oct. 31.

Dar Williams says she heard from a parent about a child who had gone trick-or-treating at Chestnut Ridge, located across Route 9D from the Butterfield development project, and discovered that everyone who answered the door was overjoyed and said no one ever came there. Williams also knew preschoolers can be overwhelmed by Parrott Street, where most trick-or-treating in Cold Spring takes place. Chestnut Ridge is a nicely contained option for younger children.

The Details

Trick-or-treaters ages 5 and younger are invited to walk through the Chestnut Ridge complex at 62 Chestnut St. from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31. From 4 to 7 p.m., there will be treats, cider and pizza for all ages at the nearby Putnam History Museum.

Williams, Kathleen Foley, Julisa Tomizawa, Nancy Montgomery, Ivy Meeropol and Patricia Byron spread the word, and Chestnut Ridge residents Barbara Perkins and Rhoda Needleman alerted their neighbors. The Girl Scouts, Manitou School and Jean Cendali’s art classes at Haldane contributed crafts to decorate the buildings. The Putnam History Museum had a party planned and agreed to add pizza for the seniors and children, with Angelina’s providing pies at a deep discount.

Chestnut Ridge (file photo)

Chestnut Ridge (file photo)

“This is the greatest thing that has ever happened at Chestnut Ridge!” exclaimed Needleman. “Eventually it will be like Parrott Street for the seniors. Everyone I speak to is so excited about it, and many went right out and bought pumpkins and are talking about wearing costumes.”

One concern was that many people who live at Chestnut Ridge are on fixed incomes and cannot afford candy to hand out. However, the Manitou School and Molly Straus collected more than 1,000 pieces to distribute.

“Cold Spring is in many ways a wonderful place to grow old but we could do so much better in creating real community with our elders,” said Ivy Meeropol. “Spookytown is exactly what we need to be doing more of.”

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