Down the Road: 2017 and 2018 Votes

March 2017

Village of Cold Spring
Mayor David Merandy (2-year term)
Trustee Marie Early (2-year term)
Trustee Frances Murphy (2-year term)
Justice Thomas Costello (4-year term)

Village of Nelsonville
Mayor Thomas Corless (2-year term)
Trustee Danielle Pack McCarthy (2-year term)

November 2017

Putnam County
Legislator William J. Gouldman (3-year term)
Legislator Toni E. Addonizio (3-year term)
Legislator Dini LoBue (3-year term)
Sheriff Donald Smith (4-year term)

Philipstown Town Board
Michael Leonard (4-year term)
John Van Tassel (4-year term)

Philipstown Supervisor
Richard Shea (2-year term)

March 2018

Village of Nelsonville
Trustee Thomas Robertson (2-year term)

November 2018

Putnam County
County Executive MaryEllen Odell (4-year term)
County Clerk Michael Bartolotti (4-year term)
Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra (3-year term)
Legislator Ginny Nacerino (3-year term)
Legislator Joseph Castellano (3-year term)

Village of Cold Spring
Trustee Lynn Miller (2-year term)
Trustee Steve Voloto (2-year term)

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