Philipstown Reform Synagogue to Honor Veterans

The Philipstown Reform Synagogue will host a traditional Sabbath dinner at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 11, to honor the community’s veterans. Led by Rabbi Helaine Ettinger, the dinner will be held at the parish house of St. Mary’s Church in Cold Spring.

“We are so pleased to extend an invitation to our veterans to join us for a Shabbat dinner on Veterans’ Day,” said synagogue president Cathy Duke. “It is an opportunity for us to express our deep gratitude for their service to our country, and to all the generations that have followed.  Their desire and actions to protect our nation and our freedom can never be underestimated.  We hope that by inviting the veterans to join us in a meal we can express our thanks to them individually and collectively.”

Any veteran or spouse of a veteran who would like to attend the dinner is asked to call the synagogue at 914-450-4188 by Wednesday, Nov. 9 to facilitate the planning of the meal.

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