Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam in Philipstown

Caller claims to be from Central Hudson; demands payment

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning to businesses of a telephone scam in which a caller claims to be from Central Hudson and demands immediate payment of a past-due bill.

The agency said it has received a number of reports from business owners in Philipstown of a person claiming to be a representative of Central Hudson Gas and Electric who claims the business is behind on payments and that its power will be disconnected if payment is not received by 5 p.m.

Some business owners verified with Central Hudson that the call was bogus. The caller creates a sense of fear and urgency by demanding payment for “overdue bills” via Western Union or through pharmacies that offer a service to wire funds.

The sheriff said business owners who receive such a call should verify the information via the phone number on their bill.

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