Letters: The Vote

Readers react to the presidential election

Our nation’s system of voting for the president is seriously flawed. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Once again the Electoral College “trumps” the popular vote — the will of the people. The Electoral College unequivocally represents states’ rights versus individual rights. Is that what our country is about? Let’s tell freedom that there is a death in the family.

Andy Galler, Garrison

On Nov. 8, the people spoke. With the election of Donald Trump, things have been shaken up at the national level — no thanks to the voters of New York State.

Meanwhile, in the Hudson Valley, the status quo received a ringing endorsement.

Voters in the 41st Senate district and the 19th Congressional District gave their approval of our political system in which the federal and state governments’ primary job is to funnel money to billionaires, corporations and special interests.

Incumbent Republican Sue Serino handily defeated challenger Terry Gipson, ensuring Republican/renegade Democrat control of the state Senate, where campaign finance reform dies in every legislative session.

Republican John Faso, a former corporate lobbyist, with the help of $6.7 million in outside money from political action committees and billionaires, defeated reformer Zephyr Teachout for Congress. Think these billionaires have our best interests at heart?

If you would ask a voter, “Who makes up for the loss of revenue every time a tax break or favor is given to billionaires, corporations and special interests?” he or she would know the obvious answer.

But while complaining about high property and other taxes, and crying about a falling standard of living, we elect candidates who say “I’ll keep your taxes low, but please remember that my first duty is to campaign contributors who pay me for favored treatment.” Another of the great mysteries of life? Or a case of fooling some of the people some of the time?

Charles Davenport, Wappingers Falls

I hear the sound of trumpery
And all I do detest
I mean to counter lies with truth
(I meant to take a rest)

I weep the rank misogyny
And all I do detest
I mean to push against it hard
(I meant to take a rest)

I see the spread of bigotry
And all I do detest
I mean to labor for amends
(I meant to take a rest)

I feel the harm of climate change
And all I do detest
I mean to change the course of it
(I meant to take a rest)

I smell the stench of gushing hate
And all I do detest
I mean to stanch the hate with love
(I meant to take a rest)

I mourn the loss of common ground
And all I do detest
I mean to speak in spite of fear
(I meant to take a rest)

No one knows how far you’ll go
And all I do detest
I mean to fight you tooth and nail
And then I’ll take a rest.

Mitchell Jay, Cold Spring

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