Letter: Another View

I thought some feedback from a new reader might be helpful. Frankly, I saw a need for more balance in the Nov. 18 issue. Taking It to the Street had a preponderance of Hillary Clinton supporters, as did the letters to the editor. They sounded inconsolable, but there is an upside in every election. At least in this one we were spared a president who staunchly supports all abortion. On a different score, decrying the Electoral College is old hat; it was done in 1860 when Lincoln became president with only 40 percent of the popular vote.

The story on gay residents (Pride in the Highlands) was of interest, but the remark by Jimmy Zuehl that while he’s encouraged by the size of the Highland’s LGBTQ population, “we’re still a minority,” gave me pause. Looking at the broad picture, as historians from Will Durant to Jacques Barzun have done, if same-sex activity became the norm it would doom not only society but the human race.

Finally, The Power of Protest noted that a women’s march is planned for Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C. It should also have mentioned that a massive protest of Roe v. Wade that has taken place annually for 30 years is scheduled for Jan. 22. I think you will agree that a good newspaper is not a propaganda tool but airs both sides of an issue, except on the editorial page, of course. Looking forward to the next issue.

Dick Murphy, Beacon

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