Youth Players to Stage “Connecticut Yankee”

Six performances scheduled starting Dec. 9

The Philipstown Depot Theatre Youth Players will present the Mark Twain classic, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, in six performances over two weekends beginning Friday, Dec. 9 at the Garrison venue.

The story follows Hank Morgan, played alternately by Maya Gelber and Alex Danilov, who is knocked on the head and transported to the court of King Arthur, played by Sam Bates and Charles Rowe. When Hank predicts an eclipse, the court believes he is a wizard. An evil plot is revealed, mayhem ensues as Hank introduces modern ideas to court life, and Hank must get back to his own time.

Other cast members include Kat Buslovich, Chloe Rowe, Kieran Warger, Nicholas Meisner, Lorelei McCarthy, Lola Ritell, Lily Benson, Sophia Wallis, Grace Gordon, Sophie Sabin, Kate Jordan, Keira Russell, Ranauq Kapoor, Jude Columb, Aoife Fortuna, Kate Meisner, Zohra Kapoor, Helen Hutchinson, Hannah Benson, May Columb, Neave Fortuna, Joia McKelvey, Beatrice Corio and Percy Parker. Tickets are $10 at

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