After 18 years, Momminia to close Jan. 1

By Michael Turton

After doing business on Cold Spring’s Main Street for 18 years, Momminia Avante Garde Jewelry will close its doors for the last time at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 1, with everything in stock marked down 50 percent. Steve Goodrich and his wife Marlene, who died in October, opened the shop in March 1998.

Steve Goodrich assists customers (photo by M. Turton)

“Her spirit really was this store,” Goodrich said. Longtime employee Monica Singh echoed those feelings. “It’s not the same without Marlene,” she said. “But we’ve had a good, long run.”

Momminia sold a lot of beads (photo by M. Turton)
Momminia sold a lot of beads (photo by M. Turton)

Goodrich said he is retiring but will probably sell at a few gem shows “just for fun.” He admitted he found some customers amusing. “People love coming here from the city because they consider it ‘the country,’ ” he said. “Anything that is not all buildings is the country.” For some, he marveled, “their idea of camping is coming here by train and staying at an Airbnb!”

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  1. We are all sorry to see Momminia close its doors and to lose the Goodrich family from Main Street. I don’t think there will soon be another business to take its place, certainly not one that will inspire so many people from all over the region to come to Cold Spring to shop there and elsewhere. I stopped in today on New Year’s Eve and the place was packed with well-wishers and customers who were there to say goodbye and make their last purchases from one of the most remarkable shops ever to grace the Village. They will be missed.

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