Letter: Fossil Fuel Fight

Are you a person who stands up to bullies and doesn’t take abuse? If so, your neighbors in the Hudson Valley need your help.

The Hudson Valley is under attack from corporate bully No. 1, the gas and oil (fossil fuel) industry. We face the Pilgrim Pipeline, barges full of oil in the Hudson River, the CPV methane-powered electric plant in Minisink and the Spectra Atlantic Bridge pipeline in Westchester.

More than just being bullies, gas and oil companies are criminal organizations. In addition to poisoning our land, air, and water, the industry pays off public officials to obtain permits and favorable laws. It takes citizens’ property by eminent domain and threats of eminent domain. Our “public service” agencies that are supposed to regulate the industry are staffed by former (and future) industry employees.

One outrageous example: According to DeSmogBlog.com, Maggie Suter, an official with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, led the review process for two gas pipeline projects by Spectra Energy, while her husband, Phil Suter, was a paid consultant for Spectra Energy.

The fossil fuel industry only cares about profit; it does not care about the harm it does to you, your friends and family, the Hudson Valley or the human race.

Local environmental groups are battling these projects, but more concerned bully fighters are needed to speak out and take action. With your help, the Hudson Valley and New York state may be able to escape domination by fossil-fuel industry greed.

Charles Davenport, Wappingers Falls

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