Trustee Candidate Statements

We asked each of the three candidates for Cold Spring Village Board trustee positions who will appear on the March 21 ballot to submit a biographical statement. We also have posted interviews with each candidate, as well as a letter to the editor from Frank Haggerty, who is campaigning as a write-in candidate.

Marie Early

I was born in Cold Spring. Until I graduated from college, I worked at the family paint store, C&E Paint Supply. I received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and immediately took a job at IBM as a programmer.

Marie Early (photo by M. Turton)

I moved away from Cold Spring in 1979 and worked at IBM in the Hudson Valley, North Carolina and Maryland. I worked at Morgan Stanley in information technology. Upon my retirement in 2005, I resumed full-time residence in Cold Spring. I assist my sister, Susan, at C&E as time permits.

Since 2006 I’ve been volunteering on the Special Board for the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Historic District Review Board. I am also treasurer and events coordinator for the Chapel Restoration. Since being elected to the Village Board in 2015, I’ve served as deputy mayor. I am the Village of Cold Spring liaison to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the village’s Code Update project.

Of the many initiatives I have worked on, I am most proud of working with Mayor Dave Merandy and Trustee Fran Murphy on the reinvigoration and completion of the Main Street Sidewalk Project, restructuring our docking fees for commercial passenger vessels and installing metered parking at our municipal lot on Fair Street. The docking fees and meters, in particular, mean revenue for our village and are an important offset of taxes for homeowners.

Fran Murphy

Fran Murphy (photo by M. Turton)

I am seeking reelection as trustee. As I review notes from the 2015 campaign I am proud of what we have accomplished: the contamination under the Boat Club site has been cleaned; curbs on Main Street are no longer a challenge for seniors, mothers with strollers and the disabled; and the metering of the municipal parking lot has established a new stream of income.

I have learned many things over the past two years — most of all, how much time is required to get things done. I have spent many hours reviewing the current employee medical plan and searching for comparable alternatives; I have spent hours working with the village clerk and the Water Department to apply for state clean-water and drinking-water grants. While we didn’t qualify for grants, we did finally qualify for low-interest financing for work on the Fair and Market streets sewer rehabilitation and the Catskill Aqueduct connection upgrade.

Two years is not a long time. I am aware of the many things that still need to be addressed. I am asking you to give me time to do more. I have tried to keep my promises to you – to “work hard,” “talk with the experts,” and “get the facts.” Please allow me to continue to work for you by reelecting me on March 21.

Peggy Schatzle

I am running for trustee because I am concerned about the future of our village and where we are going as a community.

Peggy Schatzle (photo by M. Turton)

I believe in transparency of government and can contribute in a positive way to resolve outstanding issues. Cold Spring is a terrific place, with people from all walks of life who care about our community. I’ll look for feedback and discussion, not attack or belittle people. Our village is facing multiple lawsuits, and our most experienced employees feel disrespected and are leaving.

I have degrees in elementary and special education and have taught at the Chappaqua Central School District for 23 years, where I have had numerous leadership roles including department chair, grant writing and budget management and working on conflict resolution, collaboration and team management.

I’m focused about helping people, sitting down with them to problem solve and finding positive resolutions. Being an educator, you need to have an open mind and, you must be willing to listen, learn, and adapt. My professional experience demonstrates those qualities very clearly.

As I have been going door-to-door, I was disturbed in talking to residents about how upset they are with the disrespectful and haphazard way the village seems to be running these days. We truly need to unify our community. Everyone should be able to participate and express concerns and to be heard in a courteous and cooperative manner that benefits the common good for the future of our village.

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