Letters: Village Candidate Endorsements

Over the past two years Fran Murphy, who is running for re-election to the Cold Spring Village Board, has dedicated herself to the betterment of our village. Several times a day I walk our Labrador down Main Street and will see Fran going into or coming out of Village Hall.

She’s not there to socialize but rather looking for ways to get things done and find ways to access grant money, or applying for low-interest loans. Fran is good for our village; now be good to her and re-elect her!

David Marion, Cold Spring

Alison Anthoine is the best candidate for Cold Spring mayor. As president of the Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce, she led the Chamber to new heights. Her communication and people skills allowed her to mobilize qualified people to implement solutions. Her ability to identify skilled board members and unite them to action was demonstrated throughout her five years of service, bringing the Chamber to a new level of strength.

As a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Alison has used her wisdom and sound judgment to help resolve issues facing our community.

Her experience as a lawyer and an entrepreneur give her a perspective on matters that look outside the box to find solutions to matters at hand. As a mediator, Alison has reached across all parties to build bridges where walls existed. She has good working relationships with those in politics and business and fellow residents. Lastly, Alison’s integrity has helped her rise above the fray to make fair and honest decisions.

Debbi Milner, Cold Spring

Three candidates will get my vote on March 21: Alison Anthoine, Marie Early and Fran Murphy. All three are devoted to our village, hard-working, smart, knowledgeable, do their homework and have serious concern for the taxpayer. We need them to deal with the serious challenges ahead. I hope they will get your vote, too.

Anne Impellizzeri, Cold Spring

What I’ve observed over the years is a lack of action in Cold Spring’s government on environmental issues and even a lack of a desire to deliberate. I see this as a serious shortcoming and to me the best candidate (for mayor or trustee) is the one willing and eager to make progress here. Who fits the bill? There are a number of easy things we can do that can make a big impact.

James Geppner, Cold Spring

We urge our neighbors to vote to re-elect Mayor Dave Merandy and Trustees Marie Early and Fran Murphy. Although their positions are part-time, they have devoted many hours to understanding the issues and have performed their duties prudently and diplomatically. As we worked to open a business in Cold Spring, Mayor Merandy assisted us and demonstrated sensitivity to the perspective of local businesses, just as he does with the rest of the village.

The mayor and trustees face an array of complex challenges, such as repairing the dam, updating the village code, restoring or replacing the firehouse, strengthening village finances and advancing the development of the Fjord Trail. As Main Street residents and retailers, we are pleased that the federal funds received by the village have finally been put to work on improving our sidewalks, adding crosswalks and planting trees. In two years, Merandy, Early and Murphy have just gotten their feet wet, and now it’s time for them to dig in. It would be a shame if the knowledge and experience they gained in their first term were lost.

Eliza Starbuck and Eric Wirth, Cold Spring

Please vote for Alison Anthoine for mayor on March 21. I can’t recommend her more highly. She is extremely intelligent, has huge integrity, is a seasoned, common-sense attorney, and — while a lifelong Democrat — is a bridge-builder who cares about the well-being of everyone around her.

Though I do not live in the village, I have been a Philipstown resident for 20 years. When Alison became a resident about six years ago, I saw her dive right in, join the Chamber of Commerce, ultimately become its president and subsequently join the Zoning Board of Appeals.

She is positive, upbeat, resourceful. I don’t believe the village could ever do any better. She will be a fantastic public servant.

Susan Coleman, Garrison

Two years ago, when Fran Murphy first ran for village trustee, she promised to “talk to the experts and get the facts.” She has more than kept that promise and the village has benefitted greatly from her contributions. Her professional experience and even temperament have been an integral part of her success as is evidenced by her board’s many accomplishments: the Main Street Project, Boat Club contamination cleanup, employee benefits, code update, grant writing and administration and more, not to mention the urgent matters that the trustees face on an almost-daily basis. But there is much more to do and Fran is offering her help. Let’s take her up on her generous offer.

Fran is hard-working, even regularly covering the phones in Village Hall, and she does it all with a smile and a warm “hello.” With the full knowledge and acceptance that as she puts it, “We know we can’t please everyone,” she is offering to do more. We made a great hire when we elected Fran as trustee two years ago and we should do it again on March 21 so we may all continue to benefit from her deep experience and work ethic. I look forward to voting for Fran and urge you to do the same.

Matt Francisco, Cold Spring

I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Dave Merandy and Marie Early. Under their leadership as mayor and deputy mayor they have created one of the most highly functional village boards that I have seen since moving here 15 years ago. This is evidenced in their accomplishments in just the two years of their first term (the one with the learning curve!).

Lots of good things have been accomplished: the Boat Club coal tar remediation, Main Street sidewalks, paving the municipal parking lot and installing meters as a revenue stream (while forcing vacancy and availability), videotaping almost all village meetings and working with the standing boards to ensure the proper administration of the code to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes for all applicants. And there have been many more accomplishments moving the village in the right direction.

They have shown themselves to be focused on controlling costs, increasing revenue and planning for the future. Along the way they have made the hard decisions, always putting the best interests of all village residents and taxpayers first with the full knowledge and acceptance of the fact that not everyone will agree with those hard decisions.

In my mind that is the real lesson in fitness for government/public service. If they still want to sign on for more after being misunderstood, misquoted or cornered in Foodtown on a particular issue, that’s a win for us, the residents of the village. With their combined deep, relevant professional experience (that now includes effective village and town government), I am confident that we have put our trust in the right hands: Two fully independent, smart individuals with very deep roots in this community who will put the future of the Cold Spring that we all know and love first. I look forward to voting for Dave and Marie on March 21 and urge you to do the same.

Matt Francisco, Cold Spring

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