Letter: Banner Day

Word on the (Main) street is that there’s a fair amount of criticism of the “No Hate! No Fear!” banner on the white building across from Memorial Park in Beacon.

I’d like to offer a counterpoint. I applaud those stalwarts of the community who hung the banner for taking a stand to counter the toxic, disheartening and destructive rhetoric that our supposed national leaders are spewing all over the media.

The sign in Beacon across from Memorial Park (Photo by Jeff Simms)

And while expressing support for those more vulnerable among us should not be controversial, these concerned citizens are surely smart enough to know it would be. I applaud their courage.

We all should appreciate these voices of acceptance in our little community on the river. (Pete Seeger would be proud.) Please don’t let the negative voices drown them out. Messages of hope can overshadow despair, and love should trump hate.

Scott Tillitt, Beacon

4 thoughts on “Letter: Banner Day

  1. Illegal alien felons, such as the two who violently assaulted one of my children after they had committed three prior violent felonies (and were released from federal custody, per Obama’s policy, when the feds took them from state custody without being prosecuted nor deported), deserve no sanctuary. They deserve to spend a significant number of years doing hard time in prison and then deported without a chance of sneaking back into our sovereign nation.