Letter: Filmmaker Says Thanks

I would like to thank the residents and businesses of Cold Spring for welcoming Emilie Jackson and I these last few weeks as we documented the village elections. As a journalist and filmmaker, I’d been looking since the November election for a project that would explore and promote civic engagement. So you can imagine my surprise when my mom, Alison Anthoine, came back from the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., determined to run for mayor. Inspired in so many ways, I knew I had to document it. I look forward to speaking with as many residents and patrons of the Village of Cold Spring as I can.

Elizabeth Wolff, New York

Elizabeth Wolff (with phone), the daughter of mayoral candidate Alison Anthoine, and videographer Emilie Jackson flanked at the March 28 absentee ballot vote in Carmel by Putnam County election commissioners Anthony Scannapieco Jr. and Catherine Croft. (Photo by Michael Turton)

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