Philipstown Soccer Kicks Off Season

Two teams play but other games rescheduled

Game summaries provided by Philipstown Soccer Club:

Chargers Fall to Dover

The boys’ U-16 Chargers opened the spring season on April 2 at home versus the Dover Terminators.

The match started with some good back-and-forth play, when Dover was able to get a cross through to the middle for a score 30 minutes in. After an additional Dover score on a penalty kick, the Chargers came back with a goal of their own. Down 2-0, the Chargers finished the first half with a flurry of attacks and midfielder Kyle Mayo brought the ball down the left side of the goal area, chipping a shot just over the keeper’s arms to the opposite side of the net, to put the score at 2-1 Dover at the half.

The second half saw more very competitive play on both sides. The Chargers were next on the board, when stopper Elias Henderson sent a lead pass through to striker Tahiem McCormick, who slid and kicked a shot past a charging Dover keeper near the 18-yard line to make the score 2-2 with 20 minutes left in the game. Both teams continued to have opportunities, but Dover’s lead scorer was able to knock in one more shot before the game ended, putting Dover up 3-2. It was a strong performance by all of the Chargers’ players across the board. The Chargers look to rebound at home on April 9 versus Beacon.

Newburgh Tops Warriors

The boys’ U-14 Warriors started their season on April 2 against the Newburgh Pumas Americas. The team saw the return of a former player Frank Bentkowski and a new addition to the club, Daniel Bajsicki. Early in the first half, Christian Moreno won the ball and moved it up the field to Bentkowski, who maneuvered it around the Newburgh defense and took repeated shots on goal. Forward Zachary Cannova made some nice passes to Moreno and he and Gus Grossman continued to pressure the Pumas American goal.

Bajsicki proved himself as a strong defensive player, preventing the Pumas from nearing the goal. When the ball got through the defensive line, goalie Graeme McGrath slid toward the striker to upset the shot while Bentkowski controlled the ball and passed to Daniel Carlos to boot up the field. Newburgh took the ball back around and landed it in the corner of the net for the first goal.

McGrath continued to snatch the attempted goals away from the opponents with help from defenders Luca Van Dommele and Owen Edelson but Newburgh sank another one in the net. Van Dommele continued to fight for the ball and August Lee stopped the Pumas America attackers in the midfield. Carlos took the ball up the field and scored the first goal for the Warriors, bringing the score at the half to 3-1, Newburgh.

The second half continued to see good saves in the goal by McGrath and strong defense from Paolo Coumans and Pelle Sandlund. The offense worked hard to keep the ball moving to the net. Grossman scored the second goal with an assist from Bentkowski. John Weatherup caught the ball on the return and passed to Carlos who took a beautiful but unsuccessful attempt on goal. Bentkowski moved in on the ball and found the net tying the score.

The Warriors continued to pass the ball and run it down the field and took shot after shot but Newburgh sent one more into the net and the game ended with Newburgh victorious at 4-3. The Warriors will play the Liberty Blue Devils at the Discovery Health Center on April 9.

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