Beacon Approves Updates to Comprehensive Plan

Sets tone for growth over next decade

By Jeff Simms

The Beacon City Council on April 3 approved updates to the city’s comprehensive plan, setting the tone for growth and development in Beacon over the next decade.

The principal changes to the plan, which was revised by a committee appointed by Mayor Randy Casale a year ago, include the rezoning of much of Beacon’s waterfront district as parkland, while limiting the density of development allowed on the east side of the Metro-North station.

The rezoning move would apply to about 44 acres and is consistent with Beacon’s decades-long effort to revitalize its waterfront.

Land to the north and adjacent to the train station (all east of the tracks) will be rezoned for waterfront development, with building heights restricted to preserve views of the Hudson River.

The plan is a significant step back from what was being considered for the waterfront area a decade ago. At the time, a hotel and increased development were encouraged but flooding and other environmental concerns led the committee to switch gears.

Following two well-attended forums last fall, the committee — which worked with BFJ Planning — held public hearings on the updated comprehensive plan in February.

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