Letter: Considering Sanctuary

The two letters in the March 24 issue of The Current opposing sanctuary cities were bothersome to me. The idea of a local affirmation of this country’s basic beliefs — justice and freedom of expression — is thrilling. I feel supported by a community that makes a commitment to caring for all people. Simply because a law exists doesn’t mean that it is humane and just. We have known many laws that have been amended or overturned because they did not represent the core values of our country. Our values evolve. People need to work against laws that betray our country, and there are many ways to effect change.

The idea of law enforcement raises an interesting discussion. It has been said that there is no point passing a law that is unenforceable. Most people follow most laws because the laws reflect our proud beliefs; enforcement is secondary. It’s important to understand what a certain law actually says. And, threats of punishment from an autocratic president are demeaning and counterproductive.

Betsy Calhoun, Garrison

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