Beacon Revises Affordable Housing Law

Lowers threshold when units must be included

By Jeff Simms

Beacon’s revised affordable housing law, adopted by the City Council on May 1, requires new housing developments with 10 or more units to have 10 percent of their units priced below market rate.

Households earning up to 90 percent of the Dutchess County area median income — currently $87,100 for a family of four — are eligible for the units, with priority given to volunteer emergency responders who have served five years or longer and municipal and school district employees. The units cannot be sublet.

Based on 2016 figures, sample monthly rents, including utilities, are shown below.

People in Household      Rent

1-2 people / 1 bedroom         $1,031
3 people / 2 bedrooms          $1,221
4 people / 3 bedrooms          $1,296
5 people / 4 bedrooms          $1,419

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