Letter: Haldane Focus Group

Superintendent: Will discuss referendum for 2018

On May 16 we will ask the taxpayers to vote on potential upgrades to the large gym and the elementary library. These repairs will have zero impact on taxes as the district already has the funds available for the repairs which are held within our Capital Reserve Fund.

The first step is to address the bleachers, which have been cited during insurance inspections over the past few years. The bleachers are old and dated, along with being a potential safety problem. The pads on the gym walls also need to be replaced, along with the student sitting area in the elementary library that needs to be rebuilt. We are asking the voters to release money from our Capital Reserve to pay for these necessary replacements. If the taxpayers allow the release of the funds, the repairs will be made this summer.

Our next step is to form a focus group or steering committee to come together for a discussion on the “wants” and the “needs” of our buildings and our campus. The focus group will be asked to attend a few meetings to determine what we should consider in a bond referendum that we hope to put before voters in May 2018, if that is the recommendation of the steering committee. We want the referendum to align with the needs of the district and reflect the vision of our community. We anticipate the first meeting in June, and the additional meetings in early fall.

If you would like to be part of the focus group, please contact Linda Dearborn at 845-265-9254, ext. 115, or email [email protected].

Diana Bowers, Superintendent
Haldane Central School District

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