Nominations Open for Hall of Fame

Haldane High School is accepting nominations for the first class of its newly created Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations are due by Aug. 1 for consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee, which includes three coaches, an administrator other than the athletic director, a community member, the president of the Blue Devil Booster Club, two alumni, and a retired district employee.

Athletes and coaches cannot nominate themselves or a relative. In each of the first two years, as many as 10 people may be inducted, and as many as five each year starting in 2019. Athletes must have graduated from Haldane at least five years earlier. Coaches and administrators must have been with the district for at least five years. One team also can be inducted each year, with the five-year cushion.

There is also a category for people who have made “a significant impact” on Haldane sports or at higher levels of competition.

Nomination forms can be downloaded at and should be submitted with supporting materials to Athletic Director Chris Salumn.

2 thoughts on “Nominations Open for Hall of Fame

  1. What happens to the names that are up on the wall now? A whole team makes a “significant impact.” Who spearheaded this idea? This sounds like everyone needs to get a trophy so no one’s feelings get hurt. Where is the New York State track champion winners’ banner with about 5 to 8 names are on it? I have not seen that banner up in years. It needs to be found and put up, where it belongs. This kind of thinking started when Bob Nappi retired. As soon as he left Haldane, field day teams and winners receiving ribbons and plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place or breaking records came to a screeching stop. Kids need to know that if you work hard you get rewarded and if you don’t there is no reward. That is life.

    • Field Day, track-and-field events on our brand new field. Gasp!

      Every year I tell my younger kids how Field Day used to be, the tie-dyed shirts we made, the all-day events on the field, camaraderie, cheering on our classmates, and then lunch but no, we have ELA tests. Bah hum bug.

      We all couldn’t wait to hear who won the trophies and ribbons and the best was when they announced what color team won the overall points for the whole day, full “bragging rights.” Oh, the good ole days taken away by egg tosses and everyone’s a winner.

      I agree Tom: Bring back Field Day. As for the Hall of Fame, contact the school — it is not to replace, from what I heard.