Volleyball Tournament Raises $12K

25th annual event benefits homeless shelter

The 25th annual Rooftime Volleyball Tournament, held July 8 and 9 at Memorial Park in Beacon, raised more than $12,000 for the Webster House Emergency Shelter in Poughkeepsie. More than 240 players competed at the tournament, some traveling from as far away as Florida and Texas.

Webster House is Dutchess County’s only walk-in shelter and can accommodate as many as 60 single adults. In 2016 the shelter, which is operated by Hudson River Housing, provided more than 39,000 meals.

The winners of the tournament, which was organized by Lindsay and Sean Burns, are listed below. See rooftime.net for more information.

Men’s Open: John Mack and Eric Rothbard
Men’s AA: Andreo Otiniano and Jason Pelecanos
Men’s BB: Steve Mittermaier and Barry Gower
Women’s Open: Lauren Wilson and Michelle Jacobson
Women’s AA/Open: Stefanie Carrington and Clara Lombardo
Women’s A: Sarah DeVries and Caryn Engel
Women’s BB: Cheryl Hadzic and Samantha Lesko
Reverse Coed Open: Lauren Wilson and Sean Burns
Reverse Coed AA: Addie Ferrer and Adam Johnson
Reverse Coed A: Mavina Lim and Zena Jamal
Reverse Coed BB: Blaine Fitzgerald and Willa Fitzgerald
Quads Skilled: Caleb Clock, Chriss Mazzarella, Dave Aiello and Josh Goodrich
Quads Recreational: Kylie Rodriguez, Don Peterson, Dean Lombardo and Clara Lombardo

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