Letter: Mount Beacon Vandalism

I am writing on behalf of the Hudson Highlands Mountain Bike Club concerning the vandalism of trails on and around Mount Beacon in the hope that someone knows the person who is doing this.

Vandals positioned fallen branches along trails used by mountain bikers. (Photo provided)

Since last fall a person or group has been vandalizing the trails, specifically, the You Know the One (YKTO) or Melzingah Trail that runs near the Blue Trail around Melzingah. The damage includes removing rocks from tree-overs, removing rocks from a stone wall, placing rocks in the trail, placing logs and branches across the trail, and raking leaves onto the trail.

Vandals set limbs across the bike trail (Photo provided)

This vandalism has already caused at least one injury when a rider ended up rolling down a small cliff where the rocks that supported the trail were removed. I have had close calls on the trail coming around corners to find logs in the middle of the trail or trees at chest height. We are asking for the public’s help to spread the word that this is a state-approved trail and to please stop vandalizing it.

Tom Cerchiara, Beacon

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